Wacky Wednesday

Anyone else feel like it is a wacky Wednesday? I mean, every Wednesday is crazy, but this one seems that way in the extreme.

Or maybe that is because I am doing the job of 10 people. OH! Is that my problem?

Hello, my name is Thianna and I am an over-achiever.

I’ve always been that way, always reaching, always searching, always keeping busy. Except for the times in my life when I was secure. When I felt secure, I didn’t ‘overdo’. Instead I worked, I played, I had fun and felt… dare I say it? Normal.

But, security is just out of reach at the moment, so I am reaching further, doing more, and doing what I can to get to that secure space.

One of the things that has been missing from my life is the chance to help others. Sure there is the occasional, “can you…”, but for the most part, my life has been sorely lacking in doing what I love – helping others.

Which is one of the reasons I have felt this drive lately to create the You In Print: Coaching You to Publishing Success Program. I know how amazing it feels to get your work into publication, whether that is in print or via ePub or online. I understand the nuances involved. That is why I want to help others get there too.

I am very ready for the launch call that is coming this Saturday. Exciting announcements and offers as well as a full description of the program. I certainly hope you will join me if you are interested. If not, please tell a friend. This is a no-obligation call, just to listen in and hear about the program.

And now I am off to do more reaching. I have three books I am working on, two I am editing, twenty stories I need to complete for my coming trip… and a partridge in a pair tree. *snicker* (Great, I am channeling one of the characters in an upcoming book!)

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