SL3 – Cupid, Easter Bunny and Santa walked into a bar.. #santaletters

Hey, Santa!

Thought I would get in contact since it has been a couple months since I last wrote and you went to all the trouble to send me pictures from your vacation.

Loved the pics of you. I assume those were taken before you turned bright red. Those are some nifty-difty shorts there, Santa. And I’m assuming the surf board is just for the picture?

Uh, well no. I just didn’t realize you enjoyed surfing so much.

Anyway… on to the reason I’m contacting you Santa…

Wait… No, I didn’t mean anything by the surf board comment. I’m sure you looked fine out there bopping along on the waves. Was Vixen nearby just in case you biffed it?


Huh. Sounds kind of painful. And no, mouth-to-mouth from a reindeer would be a bit weird. Good thing Mrs. Claus was nearby. ha ha ha


What? Well, yeah, I’ve been doing stuff… you know, doing my part of things. I mean, I want that gift and I just want to help make sure it gets here.

What? Of course I believe in you, Santa! I don’t doubt your mad skills. But still, putting all one’s eggs in one basket. Oh, that reminds me of this joke I heard. Cupid, Easter Bunny and Santa walked into a bar…

Oh, you’ve heard it.

And you don’t like it. Okay, then… Back to the subject at ha-

Well, no, Santa, I was talking metaphorically. Of course the Easter Bunny puts all his eggs in one basket. At least I assume. I don’t know for certain. Why don’t you ask him?

Oh. Tiff huh? Well, no, I agree, he never should have hidden your eggs. You had to look where for them? Ewww. Okay, so I can understand your tiff. I wouldn’t want to look there either. So, as to my reason for this note…

Wait, he did what to your chocolate bunny? Well, now, Santa, that’s just … wow. And kinda hot. A fresh cream-filled chocolate bunny is kind of…

Oh, not that kind of cream. Alllll righty then. You guys get awful kinky up at the North Pole, don’t you?

Really? You do what? Wow! That is really out there, Santa. How many does it take to…?

Whoa! Do you ever let in outsiders? Well, I figured if I ever was in the neighborhood…

Nnno, I guess not. Having a replay of what happened last time would not be a good idea. Has the Mrs. gotten over it yet? Ugh, thought not. She has far too long of a memory. Tell her this time I won’t get into the ba-

Oh, doesn’t matter huh? *sigh* Okay, if that’s the way she’s gonna be. I miss… well, you know who I miss. Anyway, back to the reason I contacted you…

Huh? Oh, well, I kind of forgot to be honest. Though I am sure there was a reason I contacted you. All I can think of now is of that chocolate bunny…

Oh, uh, sure, Santa, you better get back to making sure the elves are on track. Only 264 days until the big day, I guess.

Wait! I didn’t mean to scare you! Santa, come back!

Ah, crap. He thought there were 300 days until he has to go ride his sleigh. Now, what was I contacting him about?

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