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Hey fellow Saturday Seductive Studs readers/authors!

Thought I would give you one last snippet from my full-length erotic novel before I moved on to other things.

As I mentioned last week, Bane of My Existence is actually a het paranormal bdsm erotic romance, but there are three main characters and one of them, Master Kayle, is gay. Plus, there are a lot of scenes going on at the fetish club Liaisons.

In this scene, Antonia is watching a M/M/M threesome. Master Bane has just explained to her that Fred, a switch, is so well-trained that he will not come without his master’s command. He is currently fucking Greg while his master Braven fucks him.

“Watch Fred’s face.”

Her eyes focused in on him. His eyes tightened and his lips drew into a thin line, but he never stopped fucking. Braven hollered out and came, letting Fred milk his cock for all it was worth before pulling out and removing his condom. 

Poor Fred. 

As she continued to watch the lines on his face deepen, she wondered if he might hurt himself if he didn’t come soon. Braven walked around to the head of the table and lowered part of it, which dropped Greg’s head down. To her surprise, he pushed his cock between Greg’s lips and nodded at Fred who sped up. Antonia’s breath picked up as she watched the two of them fuck Greg from both sides. Before long Braven pulled out, his cock hard and thick. He crooked his finger at Fred who immediately pulled out of Greg, ripped off his condom and knelt at his master’s feet while opening his mouth.

Braven fucked his mouth hard, driving into his throat with each thrust. Without knowing it, Antonia’s breaths matched each thrust. He grabbed Fred’s head and pushed all the way in, his cock expanding Fred’s throat intensely and she watched as Fred swallowed everything his master gave him. Her breathing was still fast as Braven pulled out, stroked his boy’s cheek and smiled. “Come.” It was one command and Fred’s face screwed up into painful pleasure as he exploded. His fluid shot a few feet and he seemed to come forever before finally leaning his head against his master’s groin, panting.

Book Description:

Bane of My Existence
Part 1 of The Shift Trilogy

Length: Novel
Genre: Paranormal BDSM Erotic Romance
Series: ‘The Shift’

When Antonia is convinced by her friend Kayle to apply at Liaisons, a new fetish club in town, she never expects to meet Master Bane or to become his sub.

As she falls more and more for the enigmatic man two decades her senior, there is something about him that she cannot quite figure out. She can tell he is keeping something from her and even as that gulf stretches between them, she falls further and further in love with him.

When the truth comes out, can she accept it? Or is this the end?

Update* 5/4. Seductive Studs became Seductive Studs & Sirens. It now is open to any LGBT erotica, romance or erotic romance author or blogger. 

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