You should have seen her face #Satspanks

Happy Saturday!

This week I am giving you a sneak peek into my gay spanking romance called A Little Christmas Magic (Since posted, the manuscript was picked up by LazyDay publishing and has been retitled As Natural As Breathing). Just before this scene, Logan asks his father where his mother is.

“Resting. She has been a bit high-strung since the incident with your uncle and needed a little grounding.”

Nodding, knowing that grounding meant a spanking, Logan grabbed a cookie that was sitting on the coffee table. “Dad, how common is a domestic discipline relationship?”

“I don’t think it is that common,” Gregory admitted. “Most people would be shocked to know I spank your mother. The fact she enjoys it, looks forward to it and sometimes asks for it would horrify them even further.” He chuckled. “You should have seen her face when I first suggested it.”

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