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Hey, one and all!

Over the last few years – no, wait. Make that over the last 20 years as even before I was publishing, I was knee-deep in the book industry as a book seller and marketer, I have been through it all – brick & mortar publishing, on demand publishing and over the last year online & self-publishing. While I don’t know it all yet – and let’s face it, the industry grows so fast that would actually be an impossibility – I do know a lot. As such, I will soon be offering a one-on-one program to help others get through the monolith that is the publishing industry, help them get their manuscript prepared for submission, and help coach them to that end goal of being a published author.

It will be launching in about a week, but right now, I want to ask any person or company who’s work is in the publishing/typesetting/eFormatting/cover design… business to speak up if they would be interested in being listed in the program. If you are, send me an email at tdforajob(AT)gmail(DOT)com. It will cost you NOTHING, except a little time. And will hopefully bring you some great new clients.

This is also open to business and life coaches… anyone who can help my clients reach their goals.

For those who are interested in the program itself… information on it is coming soon!

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