A look back… Part 2 (Blake and Dusty)

Hello, my lovely friends! yesterday & today I am taking a look back, a walk along memory lane if you will.

It was last May that I first started this blog. A couple weeks later, I pubbed my first self-publication and my first erotic story. To say I was happy would be putting it mildly. I felt… empowered. Yesterday I went over many of the books I have put out this last year. Today I am going to focus on the Blake/Dusty Chronicles, my 10-part M/M BDSM Erotic Romance series that started it all and is coming to its culmination tomorrow when Dusty’s Promise is released.

It all started with a man named Blake. Just turning forty and going through somewhat of a mid-life crisis, Blake has his issues. One day a year he lives in hell, blaming himself for the deaths of his parents twenty-five yeas past; he lets nobody know just how much it affects him. Thank goodness for Sir, his online dominant, who keeps him centered.

In this 1st installment of the Blake/Dusty Chronicles, Sir teaches Blake that pain can bring about tremendous pleasure. Check out Blake Takes Some Heat.

Once I wrote Blake Takes Some Heat, his Sir practically demanded to have his voice heard as well. Dusty is a rather laid-back gentleman, owns his own business, loves his family, and happens to be incredibly dominant when it comes to relationships… especially in the bedroom. Well, he says in the bedroom; the fact is, he is a bit bossy. In the six months he and Blake have chatted online, he has begun to develop feelings for his sub; feelings he fully intends to figure out as he gently prods Blake in the direction he wants him to go in.

In Dusty’s Heated Exchange, we see Sir in full dominant mode at a fetish club and in quite a happenstance, he runs into someone he never expected.

The third in this series came as a bit of a surprise to me. Blake’s suffering and his issues with his family were really bringing his problems to the forefront. And sometimes when you juggle a whole  bunch of things in the air, one or two of them is likely to fall down.

In Blake’s Little Slip, Blake is saved daily by Sir’s instructions. When he accidentally let’s his relationship slip, he is relieved at how his father-figure accepts it.

With Dusty and Blake having met… though they don’t know it yet as neither has any idea who is behind their online Sir or boy, it was time for one of them to realize what was going on. With Blake on the edge of his dark day, it was natural to leave it up to Dusty to figure things out and make things right.

In Dusty’s Revelation, Dusty realizes who Blake is and fully intends to tell his sub.

I knew when I started this installment that it was going to be emotional and intense. It was hard to write because I was crying half the time. Blake has fallen into his dark day a little early, diving into his guilt at his parents’ deaths. When Dusty and his father find him curled up on the floor in pain, Dusty takes over and helps his boy the only way he knows how.

Blake’s Breakdown is a break from the former and later installments as it actually has three different POVs.

Here I actually struggled. I had no issues with where I was going, but getting into a dominant’s head was not easy at first. How does he think? Why does he think this way? Would a dom do this????? I could understand Blake’s headspace; we are both subs who find incredible strength and freedom in submission. In the end, I finally let Dusty grab the reins and just went with it.

In Dusty Takes Control, he takes full mental and physical control of his sub to help  him past his extreme depression. The results are enlightening.

With Blake’s last book being so intense and with his hope in the form of Sir being there for him, I wanted him to be able to take small breaks from his depression, to be able to forget for small moments of time. Thankfully Dusty was on board with that and their first full day together as Dom/sub was wonderful… until the accident. (And no I’m not going to tell you the actual reason behind the accident because you would laugh your asses off. Dusty called me a few names for doing that to his sub.)

In Blake Finds Relief, Blake can finally relax by following his Sir’s demands. Not having to think has its rewards.

With this book, I finally knew how many there would be in the series – for the longest time I had no idea. I wanted them to cement their relationship in person and by a happenstance, Blake’s convalescence was the perfect time. Dusty gets him to open up about his first domme as well as everything else. Their time and relationship draw them closer together until Dusty realized he was in love with Blake. (Okay, I’m a sap. I cried when I wrote that scene.)

Dusty Follows His Heart in this installment and our two boys grow incredibly close.

This brings us to Blake Makes a Move which just came out a few weeks ago. After several blissful weeks together, Blake and Dusty are separated. Blake knows Dusty wants him to come to Austin, but he has so many worries that he cannot make a decision. But when Dusty came to visit him, he and I knew it was finally time for Blake to make a move.

Blake Makes a Move is far more filled with sex than any of the installments so far – he and Dusty just cannot keep their hands off each other. Besides that difference, it is also under the Dragon Realm Publishing imprint. To top it off, I struggled with the cover as my cover designing has gotten infinitely better than where it was a year ago and yet I didn’t want it to stray from the first 8 covers. There will be enough of that on the full book cover that is to come.

And finally, Dusty’s Promise. I will admit this last book was difficult to write. I didn’t want it to end. I have fallen a bit in love with these two boys and just could not let them go. Thankfully they have told me that while the chronicles have ended, their journey has just begun.

Dusty’s Promise covers Blake’s first few weeks in Austin, from his first dinner with Dusty’s family to an anniversary he didn’t even realize was there. All through it, Dusty stands solidly at his side until he finally makes Blake a promise that ends up meaning just as much to him as it does to his boy. It is put out by Dragon Realm Publishing and will be released tomorrow for Kindle.

I can hardly believe the Blake/Dusty Chronicles has come full circle. This summer, the series will be re-edited and released as one book for Kindle, ePub, paperback and large-print paperback.

What’s up next for me? Well, this summer there will be a LOT of editing and writing going on. I have a gay spanking romance novel that will be released come Fall, a non-erotic novel that will be released in late Summer under a different name, and my 2nd Markham Library book should be out late summer/early fall. Then for 2014, I have plans to release the second and third parts of ‘The Shift’ trilogy as well as the second part of the gay spanking romance and at least two library tales.

Oh yeah – I also plan to introduce another Blake/Dusty story in 2014;)

Thanks so much for sticking with me, commenting on my posts and most of all, for reading and enjoying my books. I appreciate it so much!

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