A look back… Part 1

Well, my lovely friends, it has been almost a full year since I released my first erotic story to the world. I’m still stunned that I have released and written so many stories in that time frame. I have grown as a writer so incredibly, both from the voracious amount of reading I do, and from the wonderful betas I have picked up along the way. The final Blake/Dusty Chronicle will be released in two days and I decided to take today and tomorrow’s posts to go over my accomplishments from this last year. Blake & Dusty will be tomorrow, but today, let me talk about my other amazing things…

I started this journey last May as I created a site for my kinky art.

Thia’s Kinky Shop was a wonderful endeavor, but will be shutting down soon. With almost a year having been open and no sales, it is time to shut the door on it so I can just concentrate on writing.

But I do not regret that shop. I love my designs and still plan on using them in the future.

It will close sometime this May.

 When I first began self-publishing in June, I released my first few Blake/Dusty Chronicles and a friend of mine suggested I post something on my blog that showed my writing style. I sat down at the computer to do just that and ended up with my first Library Tale.

Library Tales: Take 1 Britta’s Punishment was fun for me. It took something that actually happened to me and combined it with my erotic passion for libraries and twisted that with my love of all things kinky. When it was finished, I was thrilled.

I posted it on my blog for free and later on added it to Smashwords so that people could download it on their devices.

What with my passion for libraries being unleashed, I quickly penned my next library tale: Library Tales: Take 2 Room 453. This one mixed libraries with the whole taboo professor/student relationship, while keeping BDSM at the forefront.

I have read fantasy/sci-fi books since I can remember. Actually, I penned my first fantasy story when I was five. Ha ha, I still have it, I even doodled drawings of martians in the corners. To be honest, when I wrote this, I hated it. I actually considered deleting it and not having anything to do with it. Instead, I closed the file and didn’t pay attention to it for several weeks. Strange – the story was so much better when I read it after that break.

So, what is Twice as Nice: Anya’s Tale about? To put it simply… a sex therapist and an entire race of men with two cocks. Intrigued? Check it out. It is one of my best sellers.

The next story I wrote was because I wanted to do something ‘other-worldly’ and free for Friday the 13th. So, I sat down and penned a gay erotic story I called 13th of the 13th of the 13th. How would you feel if the imaginary friend you had as a child came back?

The next story I posted was actually my oldest – I wrote it a couple years ago, had it up on another blog and then forgot about it. I elected to delete that blog and pulled the story over here. I have fascinations with the oddest things. They come suddenly sometimes. This one deals with the concept of being kidnapped and sold as a non-consensual slave. Come, Slave, Let’s Go Home

I was experimenting with different genres and different ideas when I started my third library tale. I wasn’t sure at that point where I would take them or even if I would end up with a cohesive series at that point – I was just having fun.

Library Tale: Take 3 Revenge is Forever seems to be everyone’s LEAST favorite of my books, which kind of makes me sad. I assume it must be because this is NOT a story with a HFN or a HEA. This is an erotic story about revenge. Readers hate Camilia’s nemesis, but I adore him. Blayton makes no apologies for what he is, a blood-thirsty vampire. He takes what and who he wants and dispenses with the rest. Does it make me sick to say I rather like that about him? I adore an unapologetic vampire. It is one of the things I actually liked about the leaders of the vampire world in the Twilight books.

I used to be very politically active. Was president of the college democrats, rallied for what was right… yada, yada, yada.  Now that I’ve gotten to the age where I realize it really didn’t make that much difference, I still vote and take part… I’m just not as pushy about it. I penned this for election day last year. I was so tired of the political mumbo jumbo as well as the fact that less than half of the US actually votes that Trouble at the Polls sounded like a better way to get people to do something. I don’t know about you, but I think it would work. Throw out the electronic machines and put in orgasmic ones.

Before Revenge is Forever came out, I had already come up with the idea of the Erotic Holiday Countdown, 31 days of free erotica. I asked for volunteer authors to help out and ended up with an amazing month of erotica here on my blog. All of those wonderful stories, both mine and the ones from Dane Hargreaves, Max, Penelope Jones, Kiki Wellington, Travis Naught, Ray Sostre and Macy Alexander can be found at the new Erotic Coundown website. Plus, new daily erotic stories are now being posted, mostly from me until we get some more authors… so there is tons of my stuff to read over there.

This seems like a big long list, doesn’t it? But we are getting close…

Lights! Camera! Ecstasy! just kind of happened. I was looking at my blog stats one day and found out a post I did back in November on Female Masturbation Class had been the most hit post since the beginning of January. So, I wrote down to pen a short masturbation story to post on my blog… but it turned out to be too long for that and ended up its own short story.

And now we come to my fourth library tale. I absolutely love this story. A passionate, if someone innocent heroine, a strong dominant hero, and a library that can transport a person into one of its novels. It went through several revisions and with each one I admitted I liked it even more. Released Feb 7, 2013, Through the Library Door is an amazing paranormal BDSM erotic romance novella. You will notice that Library Tales: Take 4 is not in front of the official title. The reason for that is that while it is a library tale, it is the first in a series called The Markham Library. Yes, I love this library so much I intend to toss a few more people into its books and watch them… do whatever it is they do 😉 The second one is half way finished.

And that brings me to a book I am rather proud of. A full-length, paranormal BDSM erotic romance novel. When I first started this story, I had no idea it would end up at almost 80,000 words. I just hoped it would be novella length. But not only were the characters talkative, they threw me a few curve balls, which for an author is a fun experience.

Bane of My Existence will be released on April 11th.

And I will leave you there for now. That’s enough to read for one day, don’t you think? Tomorrow, I will go over my Blake/Dusty journey as the 10th and final Blake/Dusty Chronicle will be released on Thursday, April 4th.

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