A new LGBT Bloghop, hop aboard!

Hey, everyone:)

For those familiar with it, Saturday Seductive Studs was a bloghop created by the amazing author +Ciaran Dwynvil in January. It has been amazing, but as life has a tendency to do, his has become incredibly busy. As such, he asked if I would like to take it over and being the nutty person I am, I said sure!

So, starting this Saturday, Saturday Seductive Studs will be Seductive Studs & Sirens. I am opening this bloghop up to all LGBT erotica, romance and erotic romance authors and bloggers for either excerpts or reviews. Come sign up!

Each week, signups will show up on Sunday afternoons and you have until Friday at 5pm PT to do so. Then all blogs must be online and available by 9am PT on Saturday.

I know there are a lot of LGBT writers/bloggers out there. Let’s make this a huge success.

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