The wrist will be obeyed

Hey all! I’ve been silent for a couple of days and there has been a reason. Saturday night I hurt myself through the stupidest, weirdest thing known to mankind. You know those water bottles, the five gallon ones that you turn upside down to get into the device that keeps it cold? Following me yet? Well, Saturday night it was empty, so I grasped the handle and yanked. It came half way. I yanked again and it came off. The only thing is – it fell sideways and clanked against my wrist.

HOLY FUCK! That hurt! Who knew a bottle of plastic hitting your wrist could be so painful? I didn’t. I do now. I shouldn’t actually be writing as my wrist and hand and arm ache, but oh well. As soon as I get this typed I can put it on ice again.

Anyway, just wanted to do a little post about the excitement over the next few weeks. I have two  books coming out. One novelette completes a series and a full-length novel begins a trilogy. Can I just say excited? The hardest thing to decide is which book to talk about. So, over the next few weeks, I might mention both of them… like I am going to do right now.

Coming April 4th is Dusty’s Promise, Part 10 of the Blake/Dusty Chronicles. While I am sad to end this 10-part series, I also know they will be written about again at some point. They have assured me their full story is not complete. Plus, I like completing things so it was nice to actually come to a very satisfying end to these chronicles.

Book Description:
Dusty’s Promise
Part 10, The Blake/Dusty Chronicles 

Length: Novelette
Genre: Gay BDSM Erotic Romance
Series: Blake/Dusty Chronicles

After weeks of waiting, Blake finally moves to Austin. Dusty could not be more thrilled… and relieved. After surviving a Thanksgiving with the Brandons, they settle into a comfortable, happy homelife. When their first celebration comes up, he makes Blake a promise that connects them in a way he did not expect.

Coming April 11th is my first full-length novel, Bane of My Existence, a paranormal BDSM erotic romance. I am quite proud of this book. It is not only the best one I’ve done yet, but I love the feel of it. From the fetish club I created for the book, Liaisons, to the three main characters, Master Bane, Antonia, and Kayle. Not to mention the paranormal twist the characters threw at me. (I so love it when they do that.) The second one of the series is partially written and the third is mapped out.

Book Description:
Bane of My Existence
Part 1 of The Shift Trilogy

Length: Novel
Genre: Paranormal BDSM Erotic Romance
Series: ‘The Shift’

When Antonia is convinced by her friend Kayle to apply at Liaisons, a new fetish club in town, she never expects to meet Master Bane or to become his sub.

As she falls more and more for the enigmatic man two decades her senior, there is something about him that she cannot quite figure out. She can tell he is keeping something from her and even as that gulf stretches between them, she falls further and further in love with him.

When the truth comes out, can she accept it? Or is this the end?

So, I hope you are as excited as I am for these two wonderful books to come out.

Okay, okay, I am going to go ice my wrist. Loud little sucker – it has ways of making me listen. Ouch, damnit!

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