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Happy Saturday to you! Just what are the Saturday Seductive Studs up to? Well, that’s what authors of M/M erotica want you to know! We share a 200-word snippet every week of our work to tempt your tastebuds.

This week is my final look at Blake Makes a Move, Part 9 of the Blake/Dusty Chronicles. Next week you will get a look-see into Dusty’s Promise, the final Blake/Dusty Chronicle which will be published April 4th.

So, last week, I gave you a peek at the beginning of their last night in Seattle – their ‘McDonald’s date’. Today I am giving you an excerpt from two weeks later when Dusty comes to Portland. On his second night there, he takes Blake out to dinner at a nice restaurant. As he is paying the check, he says…

“Go to the bathroom and wait for me.”

Holy shit. Nodding while shaking all over, I practically jumped out of my chair. I folded my suit coat in front of me to cover the tent in my trousers as I made my way to the men’s room. It was occupied when I got there, so I had to wait. But once it was open, I walked in and locked it, waiting for him. It was a normal one-stall men’s bathroom, but the walls were painted with a scene of downtown Portland. Nice and shnazzy, just like the rest of the Pearl. Two minutes later, a soft knock came at the door.



I quickly let him in and locked it behind him. Excitement surged through my veins as I could not believe we were probably going to do something sexual in a public restroom. It felt wonderfully dirty. He looked over the small space and nodded. Slowly he turned and looked at me, the fire in his eyes making me whimper. “Turn around,” he said in a voice that while soft was also commanding. “Put your hands on the wall and don’t move.”

Groaning, I did so, unsure what he would do. 

“Remember,” he whispered into my ear. “No talking.”

Book Description:

Blake Makes a Move
Part 9 of The Blake/Dusty Chronicles

Length: Novelette
Genre: Gay BDSM Erotic Romance
Series: Blake/Dusty Chronicles

Time with Dusty has been life-changing for Blake and he does not want it to end. Their last week together cements their relationship in more ways than he can comprehend.

Even though Dusty asks him to come visit him in Austin, something holds Blake back. When everything comes to a head, will he leap? Or stay where it is safe?

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Update* 5/4. Seductive Studs became Seductive Studs & Sirens. It now is open to any LGBT erotica, romance or erotic romance author or blogger. 

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