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And welcome to another Saturday Seductive Studs! Aren’t you just loving it? There are some amazing m/m authors on this bloghop.

This week’s snippet is from Part 7 of The Blake/Dusty Chronicles, Blake Finds Relief. I am posting a little from each of the Blake/Dusty Chronicles each week in preparation for the last two parts that will be released in Spring.

In this excerpt, Dusty and Blake are working their way through Blake’s dark day. One of Dusty’s rules for the day is that when he commands it, Blake is supposed to tell him something good about himself. When Blake doesn’t think he can do it, Dusty creates a game.

“Good boy.” His hand once again wrapped around my cock. “Now, let’s play a game.”

Uh-oh. That did not sound fun. I knew enough of doms to know their games were not always about a subs pleasure, and over the last six months Sir had shown himself to be quite adept at the unusual. “O-kay,” I responded slowly.

“You obviously enjoy my touch…” He raised his eyebrow and I nodded frantically making him grin. “Well, then. For every good thing you say about yourself, you get one stroke.”

He has got to be kidding me. “What?”

He slapped my thigh again. “You heard me, sub. You want to get off? You will tell me something good about yourself. For every good thing, I stroke. If you stop, I stop.”

Ah, shit. 

I tensed and decided maybe I would not play this game. Then he spit into his palm, wrapped my cock tightly in it and stroked. “Ahhhh!” I yelled out at the pleasure. He paused and looked at me, then my cock, then back at me while raising an eyebrow. Glaring at him, I sputtered, “You are evil!”

He chuckled and leaned close. “That is why I am a dominant top, boy.” He rubbed his thumb over the head making me moan. Then he stopped. Damn.

Book Description:

After spending part of the day with Sir, Blake feels safer than ever. Even when He insists Blake do something he does not want to do. After a small accident, Blake ends up in the hospital… Even though Sir is not nearby, He brings relief to His boy in a way Blake never expected.

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Update* 5/4. Seductive Studs became Seductive Studs & Sirens. It now is open to any LGBT erotica, romance or erotic romance author or blogger. 

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