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Hey, and welcome to another Saturday Spanking! Yep, knew you needed another one;)

On March 14th, Blake Makes a Move – Part 9 of the 10-part Blake/Dusty Chronicles, a Gay BDSM Erotic Romance series – will be released. For the next few weeks, I will give you excerpts from it. I know I cannot get enough of these two;) For those who aren’t familiar with the series. Blake is a 40-year-old sub, Dusty, his 34-year-old Dom. Currently they are together in Seattle.

This scene is before Blake’s first spanking (well, the first one in this book anyway). He just finished a business call and Dusty walked in. After a little teasing on both sides, Blake pushed Dusty’s Dom side to the forefront and Dusty tells him to drop his pants.

Before I could even stand up, my cock pushed painfully against the zipper of my jeans. Most of the time, I never wore clothes in the house, but we both agreed it would be difficult for me to do my job while naked. Over the last week, I spent two hours a day making work calls as I prepared for my jump back into working full-time. I came to hate wearing clothes. 

Quickly, I unzipped my jeans and pushed them down, my cock smacking my stomach as I did so. Once I kicked them clear, I bent over the desk, sighing in pleasure as his hand began to caress my buttocks.

β€œYou truly do have a gorgeous ass, Blake,” he mused. β€œSo white until I do this.”

Book Description:

Blake Makes a Move
Part 9 of The Blake/Dusty Chronicles

Length: Novelette
Genre: Gay BDSM Erotic Romance
Series: Blake/Dusty Chronicles

Time with Dusty has been life-changing for Blake and he does not want it to end. Their last week together cements their relationship in more ways than he can comprehend.

Even though Dusty asks him to come visit him in Austin, something holds Blake back. When everything comes to a head, will he leap? Or stay where it is safe?

Coming March 14th.

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