Jumping back into the fray

Okay, I’m ready once again to dive into that hell otherwise known as …


Ever done it? I have. Several times. I’ve had good, bad and harrowing experiences from it.

I’m not sure my first foray back into this world is a good sign. I found a link for the Singles Warehouse. Hadn’t heard of it before so I clicked on it to check it out. Their website was from the UK, so I looked for and found the link for their US site only to go there and find their account was suspended. So not a good sign. Looks like I won’t be signing up with them.

I won’t be signing up with eHarmony either. Why? First, they are hideously expensive. Second, they are exclusionary. Would they exclude me? No. But that isn’t the point, is it? Or is it? Maybe I need to rethink that. They cater to the heterosexual crowd of which I am one. But I hate that they exclude homosexuals. That is just so fucking wrong.

Match.com? Too big. Scarily too big.

I could try OK Cupid again, but the last two times I tried that? All I got were men FAR too old for me contacting me, married men, or the last one who made me decide to kill my account was a guy who told me bluntly that the kind of guy I wanted would never want me. Oh, thanks so much.

ALT? It’s more of a hookup site than a dating site.

Okay, I’m beginning to feel like Goldilocks. This one is too big. This one is too exclusionary. This one screwed up and had their account blocked. Obviously no good beds in this place.

But what else can I do? How do people meet their companions?

  • Bars? Uh, NO! I don’t even drink except maybe one cocktail every couple of years. 
  • Clubs? No clubs around here. 
  • Through friends? All my friends are married and when I asked them if they had any single male friends to set me up with? None of them could think of one.
  • Church? I’m not religious.
  • Work? I work from home.
So, looks l am stuck with online dating. Anyone have luck with a particular dating site? If so, comment with the URL. I’m ready to jump back in.

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