Coming out of the scaredy-cat (scaredy-mouse?) closet

I rarely show my face. And I am not just talking about online. There is a reason ‘weremouse’ is one of my online nicknames.

My entire life I’ve strained to be invisible. That is one of the things that happens when you grow up in a family where it is best to not be seen or heard. Of course the problem is I spent so much of my life being invisible that becoming visible has been a bit of a challenge for me.

No, I’m not kidding. People forget me almost as soon as they’ve met me. I used to consider that a plus. Now I consider it a major detriment. (Though I guess if I would be turned into a vampire in S Meyer’s version of vampirism, it would be a killer gift to have. The invisible vampire. Though it would get very lonely. Makes me think of the Star Trek Voyager episode where they came upon a race who was forgotten within days. Yep, that’s me. Wait, I got off track…)

Over the last year I have been a lot more open on this blog than I usually am, but I’ve always been able to hide behind my legs. You still don’t know me. I could walk right up and you wouldn’t know I am Thianna D.

I’ve decided to change that. Part of my invisibility is my basic fear of being noticed, at which point bad things happen – or so says the little girl inside. But part of it is my mother harping in my ear “they don’t know it’s you, right? This could harm your future.”

Pfft! I’m an erotic author who is also a submissive. Get over it mother.

Drum roll please? Yep, I am revealing my face. Yep. This is me. Meet Thianna D.

I figured since I am ‘coming out’ on my dating journey site and on dating sites
I might as well do it here!

I’m not sure whether to jump for joy that I’m ‘out’ or to go hide under a blanket. I’ll get back to you on that.

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