Tuesday Tab… calling all guest bloggers

Hello everyone!

This blog is doing really well. It is getting around 10,000 hits a month, and I have decided to donate one of my days each week to a guest blogger:)

Welcome to the Tuesday Tab. Pull up a chair, have a drink and enjoy. Posts for Tuesday Tab should be about an alternative lifestyle that you actually live, whether that is DD, D/s, BDSM, or [fill in your chosen alternative lifestyle here]. There is a spot for your image, a bio, one book image [url linked preferable meaning I would input the image via its URL rather than upload to my blog] and up to 5 buy links.

I am opening availability as of the beginning of March, but Tuesdays right before one of my planned book launches or events will be unavailable.

To choose a date, check out my Event Calendar where you can find out what is going on with me as well as my blog. If you click on any Tuesday Tab, it will either have the name of the Guest Host for that week, or the word OPEN. Choose any OPEN date up to 60 days hence and email me @ tuesdaytabsATgmail.com (just change the AT to an @) with the subject line of Tuesday Tabs! I’ll be happy to host you:)

This should go without saying, but… no pedophilia or pro-hate messages. I want positive posts:)

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