Tiny steps that lead up to the whole

It starts out as an errant thought, or maybe not even that. Sometimes it starts as nothing more than pen touching paper and the words taking off on their own.

However it starts, each completed step is a bit of a celebration. I have over 500 ‘parts’, stories that will probably never be finished. Some have a few chapters, some have 50,000+ words. So when I complete a book, bring it to a conclusion, it is definitely something to celebrate.

Three weeks ago when Through the Library Door launched (my Paranormal BDSM Erotic Romance novella), it felt like cresting a hill. You let your baby out into the world and have high hopes for it. Actually, maybe a better analogy would be sending your child off the college. You wish you could control everything that happened to it – great reviews, high sales… but you just have to hope for the best and decide you have done what you can.

Now, I am working on the launches of three books, two of them short stories, and my first full-length novel. It is fun, scary, and overwhelming because I can’t give any one of them my complete attention for any length of time.

Except for when I am working on them.

Blake Makes a Move is Part 9 of the Blake/Dusty Chronicles. I have been writing them for almost two years. Last June I released the first one. As I have mentioned to others, Blake & Dusty are two characters I am incredibly attached to. And the closer I got to completing the series, the harder it was. To let go of these two seemed like an insurmountable thing to ask of me.

Blake Makes a Move will go out to conquer the world on March 14th.

When I forced myself to sit down and write Dusty’s Promise, the last Blake/Dusty Chronicle, it was painful. I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye to these two boys. Thankfully, they informed me their story is not complete. So, while the Blake/Dusty Chronicles are complete, their story will continue sometime next year.

Dusty’s Promise is released just three weeks after Blake Makes a Move on April 4th.

And now we come to my full-length Paranormal BDSM Erotic Romance, Bane of My Existence. It started out as a way to clear my brain as I was trying to write, and built into something I did not expect. I never expected to write a full-length novel until I did it, let alone in just a few months Not only that, but as I completed the first draft, I could see the other two books in the series. (I love it when things come together like that.)

Last edit has been made. It is now formatted for eBook and for one of the paperback editions. Soon it will be in the other one as well. The release date for this wonderful book is April 11th.

So, excuse me while I do a little celebratory dance of the paperback cover.

Whew! Okay, I feel all better now. Back to your regular scheduled fun…
Next up? My book tour, The Blake/Dusty Chronicles re-edited and put into one book as a full-length Gay BDSM Erotic Romance novel, my gay spanking romance Christmas Magic – which will be out this Fall… and a host of other things you can not imagine:)

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