She Could Barely Stand It #SexySnippets #SneakPeekSunday

Hello everyone! A happy, sexy Sunday to you all! Welcome to the fun. What fun you say? *gasp* Where authors/bloggers give you tiny snippets of their work.

This post encompasses the two wonderful Sunday excerpt bloghops: Sexy Snippets and Sneak Peek Sunday. Check them out! Seriously good stuff!

This week, I’m giving you a look into my newest short story Lights! Camera! Ecstasy! a celebration of self-loving.

This excerpt is at the beginning of the story where our heroine is trying to figure out how her sex drive reached the point where she cannot go without pleasure. In her early thirties, she had no sex drive at all and never noticed anyone. But then she turned thirty-five.

Out of the blue there were good looking men everywhere. She could not help but wonder where they came from. Then with each progressive year, they turned more and more fuck hot. Everywhere she looked, gorgeous men with bulges in their pants; bulges she wanted to see so badly she could barely stand it.

But she was shy, always had been. Without several glasses of hard liquor in her, she couldn’t flirt worth a damn. And since she gave up alcohol years ago, she was left panting, wet and needy.

Until the day her fingers became reacquainted with her pussy.

Book Description:

When her boss caught her masturbating at work, she was embarrassed. That it was to his picture made it even worse. Until he made her an offer she could not refuse.

A gift for those of us who do not have anyone special… except our own hand.

And who can love you better than yourself?

A celebratory short erotic story of self-loving.

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