Be good to yourself – Saturday #SeductiveStuds

Welcome to another Saturday Seductive Studs post. Can’t get enough m/m erotica? Well then read ahead and follow the blog hop, because we have some amazing authors participating.

This week I am sharing a snippet from Dusty’s Revelation, Part 4 of The Blake/Dusty Chronicles.

In this scene, I elected to share with you the email that Dusty sent to Blake in the response to the email I posted for last week’s Saturday Seductive Studs.


I am so sorry to hear of your pain. It makes me ache to know that you hurt constantly from the loss of your folks. I am sure that just makes it even harder to be with your family.

Do something for me. Tomorrow, when you open yourself to remembering them, write in your journal. Remember the good times… the times you and your dad did things together, times when you and your mother had fun. Write it all down. Try and remember the joy, knowing they just wanted you to be happy. 

You are such a good man, blake. I wish you would see it. I am sure they saw it and I am pretty sure from the things you have said that your current parents see it.

Be good to yourself tomorrow, my boy.

Know that I will be thinking of you all day,


Book Description:

Dusty’s Revelation
Part 4 of The Blake/Dusty Chronicles

Length: Short Story
Genre: Gay BDSM Erotic Romance
Series: Blake/Dusty Chronicles

Dusty’s little dinner with Carl’s family takes a bizarre turn. When the family drama hypes up after Blake leaves, he realizes who Blake is and he must decide. Will he reveal himself? Or stay silent?
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Update* 5/4. Seductive Studs became Seductive Studs & Sirens. It now is open to any LGBT erotica, romance or erotic romance author or blogger. 

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