Saturday #SeductiveStuds – A little animal psychology

It’s another Saturday Seductive Studs. I know – you’ve been waiting all week for it, right?

Today’s excerpt comes from Part 6 of The Blake/Dusty Chronicles, Dusty Takes Control.

With Blake’s precarious mental condition on this horrifying anniversary of his parents’ deaths, Dusty takes full control of his sub. Having spent all night going over what he might do, he shares with Blake his rules for the day. In working to convince Blake to follow him, this is the argument he uses (quite inventive if you ask me… sneaky dom):

“Animals are pretty basic. Whether or not the animal has had a bad experience, you have to convince an animal one of two things. The first is that you are in charge. If they don’t believe that one, then you need to convince them that you are so crazy they need to keep their eyes on you at all times because who the hell knows what you are going to do next.”

Blake’s eyes widened and something between a chuckle and a snort came out of his throat.

Winking, I nodded. “Yep, and I’m not going to tell you which one I am. You will just have to keep an eye on me to find out.” A grin lit up his face for a bare moment before sadness took over his eyes and it fell again. It gave me hope. He could still see the humor in a situation. 

“So,” I said, to get his mind back on me, “you will ask me for everything. You will ask me to use the restroom, to take a piss, to put on your clothes, to eat… Understand?”

He nodded. “Yes, sir.” I chuckled softly as his expression clearly stated he was not convinced this would work. 

“Trust your dom, Blake.”

Book Description:

With Blake’s breakdown, Dusty assumes full control of his sub, putting him under strict rules for the day. When Blake finally pushes things too far and gets punished for it, the result brings them closer than expected.
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