Lesson Learned – #SatSpanks

Hey, and welcome to another Saturday Spankings Bloghop! Yep, we know you need at least a weekly spank, so we bring it right to your browser.

This week, I’m giving you a look at Margaret King, from Library Tales: Take 2 Room 453. Graduate assistant to Professor Broddington, she is constantly sent on annoying errands for him. While trained not to look at other people’s stuff, she cannot resist checking out what is in the box he kept in the library.

Unfortunately, this particular box holds something she was not supposed to see. As punishment, he spanks her.

A shiver traveled down her back as she waited for the fall of the leather. To her surprise nothing happened. Was he changing his mind? Maybe he was just doing this to scare her. With relief and a little disappointment, she realized that must be it. He had done this to make sure she never opened up a box again. Lesson learned, she thought. Just as her muscles started to relax, he swung.


Book Description:

In Room 453, Margaret has wonderful memories of pain and pleasure at the hands of Professor Broddington. On this, their last time together, when everything turns upside down, can she handle what he asks of her?

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