45 days to…

What are the 45 days to?

I have many times over the last few years participated in a boundless living challenge – 45 days to achieve a goal. Strangely enough, every time I do it, I come out so amazingly further than I ever would have expected to be.

And I’m doing another one!

Yep, that’s right. Miss Overachiever … maybe I should change my @ name to Overachiever_Mouse on Fetlife… is not only writing, editing and publishing, but she is also working toward a book tour for this summer.

The thing is? Book tours cost money. So, my goal for the 45-day challenge is to bring in the money I need to travel to meet and make new fans, my books in tow.

Wish me luck!

photo credit: istolethetv via photopin cc

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