Your Audience Awaits – Lights! Camera! Ecstasy!

Fantasies. We all have them. Some are innocent, some are so far out there, we are too terrified to tell anyone about them lest they think we are ‘sick’. The honest truth is their fantasies are probably just as sick and twisted and if we talked openly about them we would feel a lot better about ourselves.

It was a combination of one of my fantasies, something that actually did happen to me, along with the desire to write a book about self-loving that brought about Lights! Camera! Ecstasy!

‘Kitty’ as she is called by her boss is in her forties and alone. Lonely and horny, she takes care of things herself. I purposefully left her real name a mystery. We know her as Ms. Dorren, but no first name is ever revealed. There is a reason there. (And no. It is not because my last name is Dorren. Because it isn’t.)

In our fantasies we may go by different names, or no name at all, or we may choose slang to call ourselves. In a way, our ‘Kitty’ lives out a huge fantasy in this book. We see it through her eyes, her feelings, her passion. We may never know her name, but we can put ourselves into her place. We can all be Kitty.

See it through ‘Kitty’s’ eyes! Get Lights! Camera! Ecstasy!

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