Bane of My Existence will be released on…

Woo hoo! If you watch my publisher’s site, you already know this. But if you don’t…

Bane of My Existence will be released on April 11th. I’m excited because that will give me time to order copies of it to take with me to my first book tour stop! (Information coming soon on that one!)

Bane of My Existence

Length: Novel
Genre: Paranormal BDSM Erotic Romance
Series: ‘The Shift’ trilogy
Format: ePub, Kindle, paperback, Large Print paperback

When Antonia is convinced by her friend Kayle to apply at Liaisons, a new fetish club in town, she never expects to meet Master Bane or to become his sub.

As she falls more and more for the enigmatic man two decades her senior, there is something about him that she cannot quite figure out. She can tell he is keeping something from her and even as that gulf stretches between them, she falls further and further in love with him.

When the truth comes out, can she accept it? Or is this the end?

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