A frolicking they will go

Today’s excerpt takes place after Landria escapes the new world and ends up back in her own. Over a week after returning, she finds herself alone in the manor again and hears something.

Cautiously she followed the cries and hideous male laughter. But there were also other sounds; animalistic screams, roars, and unless she was mistaken, the sound of wings flapping. While it did not surprise her that the sounds were coming from the library, it did surprise her that she could hear them. What was going on in there? Jennifer said this only happened once a generation. Plus, she was the only one in the house.

She left the door open earlier when she went to find the book in her aunt’s sitting room and it was still wide open. As she stepped up to the door, she was shocked to find the books frolicking around as if by their own steam. As each book zoomed by the open doorway, different sounds or words came to her. It dawned on her that she was hearing whatever was happening within that book as it zoomed by. Amazed and enthralled, she stepped inside.

All movement ceased. But not the sound. It increased in volume.
Three more days till Through the Library Door is released. Are you ready? It will be available in ePub, Kindle, paperback and Large Print paperback. 

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