Writing, publishing and all that jazz

I have been writing all my life. But until you get onto the publishing side of things, it all seems so easy. Write, enjoy, write some more.

Then, last June, I began self-publishing my works in eFormat. Well, that was fun! I could bypass the traditional publisher route and just do my own thing. (And as a writer who has had their work rejected too many times, this was a fantastic thing for me.)

But I decided at the end of last year, to use an imprint instead of just ePubbing it. Along with having my own publishing company came a bevy of things I knew of… but hadn’t had to deal with.

  • ISBNs
  • Print Formatting
  • Cover creation for Print which includes a lot more space than eBook covers
  • SAN
  • Printers
  • Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Not to mention the language of book creation

I would normally yell “CALGON take me away!” But the weird thing is? I love it! I love formatting the books and getting them to look just right. Creating covers for both e and Print books is fun and challenging because you are working with two different markets.

The distribution aspect is still a bit difficult. I have chosen one route for Through the Library Door, but have the feeling that by the time Bane of My Existence is out that I will go a different way – one that will get out to Bookstores and other eRetailers faster.

I have also learned so much now that I am editing more.

Even with all the fun I am having, I realize I face what all publishers face – lack of writing time.

I look forward to the day I can hire people to do the stuff so I can write full-time.

In the meantime? I will have tons of fun with it.

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