And the winning cities are?

My poll to find out what cities to go to on my book tour is complete! The results are as follows:

Seattle, WA – Hands down had the most votes! (Which is nice – I can drive there *grins*)

Portland, OR/Dallas, TX – Portland and Dallas tied for 2nd place – Love Portland and can hardly wait to check out Dallas:)

Denver, CO – Came in in 3rd place. Denver is one of my favorite cities and it will be great to go there again. I wonder if they still have that great Star Trek Exhibit. Probably not. But it will still be fun to go. Ohhh, and I can visit my friend Amy – HI AMY! *waves*

Tucson, AZ – Only got one vote for Tucson. Poor Tucson. It is still on the maybe list though! I have several friends in the fair city that don’t really know about my erotic/kinky side. It will be fun to watch their faces when I give that reveal. They think I’m such a good girl.

Boise, ID – Boise got no votes. None, nada, nilch. So, I doubt I will be headed there.

Stay tuned though, as my plans for the Book Tour kick into gear, I will have a few more polls, queries, posers (AACK I hear that in a cartoon voice, but cannot remember which cartoon it was… Oh wait – it wasn’t a cartoon, it was Number 5 from the movie Short Circuit – whew!~) for you!

Thanks so much for putting in your votes! I’m excited:)

The plans I have…………

You know I love to tacklehug – that is the only hint you are getting until that plan is revealed!

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