What’s with all the f*ing euphemisms?

Yep. I’m sure you have asked yourself: Why does she tweet euphemisms for the human body every once in awhile?

Well, here is the simple answer.

I find it fascinating how we as humans love to label.

When we look at yin & yang, feminine & masculine, one of the over-riding characteristics is that the masculine energy loves to label. You know. “This is this and that is that.” They love order and knowing where things are and how they fit into their world. Whereas the feminine energy would prefer not to label, letting things ebb and flow.

Now let it be said, we ALL have yin & yang in us. It is said that the individual who can balance the two must be quite at peace. Because those two sides do tend to cause issues if we fight against one side or another. Or try to be the energy that does not fit us.

Growing up, I was brought up by an ultra-liberal mother and an ultra-conservative father; not to mention in an ultra, ultra, ultra-conservative religion. Can you say confused? Yin was my predominant persona and my father and religion emphasized that, but because of certain issues, I fought it – plus my mother constantly harped about women being better than men, yadda, yadda, yadda.

So there I was, yin trying to act yang. I am woman, hear me roar! Helen Reddy’s song ‘I Am Woman’ used to be my mantra. Of course, the problem with that was that I was acting out a part that never really fit. In my twenties I dated men that I now recognize as submissive, and realize why I couldn’t stand dating them. Yin and Yin do not a good match make. It took a really good friend who showed me how much strength there was in submitting for me to find me.

But, I got off my original point – Euphemisms. They utterly fascinate me. Researching them, there are 10x-20x more euphemisms for male genitalia than female genitalia. I assume that fits into the whole yin/yang thing. Their masculine energy wants to label their penis as an entity all its own whereas the feminine doesn’t really care.

It has only been through writing erotica that I started to call the vagina anything other than what it was. Personally, I still prefer kitty to pussy. *grins*

So, whatever energy is your most predominant, feel free to label or not label as you please. And don’t expect me to stop tweeting euphemisms any time soon. They are too fascinating to stop.

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