Don’t call me straight

Okay, so I have a small issue with a certain label. Usually I abhor labels. They are so confining. But…

We need a new label within the kink community.

We must bury ‘Straight’.

Blech! Straight sounds boring, uptight, unbending. How can those words describe a person who enjoys being tied up, whipped, flogged, who likes pain with their pleasure, who enjoys being dominated by someone, who in fact needs to give up control to One… just because that someone/One needs to be a member of the opposite sex?

I am attracted to men, adore their strength and love cock. I have no desire for women, pussies, cunts or boobs. So why does that make me boring? As such, I cast off the term straight in search of something new. Something that still denotes my sexual desire – which is with a member of the opposite sex – but also denotes my kinky side.

Anyone have any ideas? Let’s create a new word and get it going.

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