Wrapping up the Erotic Holiday Countdown

I want to thank everyone, from authors to readers for making the Erotic Holiday Countdown such an amazing success. Over 13,000 visitors hit this blog for the month of December and I hope you found at least one, if not many, stories and authors you fell in love with.

I wanted to showcase the wonderful authors of the Erotic Holiday Countdown so I sent them an email letting them know. Those that responded are featured below. Check out their amazing books!

Kiki Wellington Follow her on Twitter

You can also find her at several online eRetailers with her novels: (links to her pages are underneath her books)

Cover for Supernatural Seductions by Kiki WellingtonWhen Jeannie and her husband buy a house in the country, they can’t wait to fulfill their lifelong dream of opening a bed and breakfast. But as she prepares to launch her new business, she finds herself seduced by a paranormal entity dedicated to delivering sexual pleasures beyond her wildest fantasies. Confused and somewhat afraid, Jeannie is torn between wanting the entity out of her home and craving more orgasmic encounters with her ghost lover.

Book Cover for Supernatural Seductions II by Kiki WellingtonWhen Traci visits her boyfriend’s family at their country house, she gets a lot more than rest and relaxation—thanks to the hungry touch of a horny ghost soldier who uses his paranormal desires to make her orgasm all weekend long. These encounters bring Traci and Bill’s sex life to a whole new level, and she soon discovers that sex with a ghost is an erotically delicious experience in its own right.

Book Cover for Supernatural Seductions III by Kiki WellingtonOlivia needs to get away—away from the job that she hates, from the stress, and from the fact that she hasn’t had sex since…she doesn’t even know. When a friend gives her the opportunity to spend a free weekend at a country bed and breakfast, with the promise of an out-of-town hook up, it seems like the perfect remedy for her discontent.

And the trip doesn’t disappoint: Throughout the weekend, Olivia becomes possessed by unexplained sexual cravings that bring her to the heights of pleasure. But who is she sharing all of these delicious desires with? What is the unseen force that is making her orgasm over and over and over again?

Book Cover for Supernatural Seductions IV by Kiki WellingtonSerena needs to understand why she’s been having erotic dreams about a long-lost ex–a fallen soldier who died years ago. After seeking guidance from a therapist, a friend, and even a psychic, she feels an overpowering need to look for answers at a country bed and breakfast. During her visit, Serena taps into her unresolved feelings and sexual desires, giving her the closure that she desperately needs.

Book Cover for Christmas Wood by Kiki WellingtonFrancis loves everything about Christmas in New York–the snow, the beautifully adorned trees, the cheery disposition that covers the city like a warm, cozy blanket. But it’s her annual holiday hook ups that she always looks forward to the most.
Her books can be purchased from the following distributors:
Barnes and Noble
All Romance Books

Max/Cherish_Desire Follow him on Twitter

Max is the go to guy for those crazy sex questions that only come up during a night of drinking – because he “just knows that stuff.” When not receiving text messages with queries about British boys wearing unicorn suits and SMS messages with wine bottle adventure photos, Max wanders North America and Western Europe music festivals and clubs so he can dance his own way. His sexy companions try to keep him in line, and his work tries to keep him too busy to get into trouble – but Max is an unrestrainable phenomena orthogonal to the Zeitgeist. Not surprisingly, Max likes cats.

Check out some of his books:

The Lioness 

 Stories about Alice

 Alice and the Great Stallion

 Stories about Angel

 Angel’s Mind

Penelope Jones Follow her on Twitter

Penelope Jones, better known as Bad Penny, has been reading and writing erotic romance and poetry with naughty twists since before she ever should have been. It is no wonder she is an eternal romantic, and believes in One Day, but until then–any day will do. From happily ever after, to happily ever now; she loves to read about and sometimes even write about sex.

Max and Bad Penny have teamed up and collaborated a poetry book of little notes, and letters between to lovers. Due out at the first of February just in time for Valentine’s Day! Iniquitous Solace starts with two strangers crossing paths, and takes you on a journey of Rhythmic words of Love and Lust from the depths of their souls.
Iniquitous Solace

Also Due out Mid spring is the first of her Trilogy of the Diary of a Broken Me (Blogged as The Chat Box Dominant: Diary of a Broken Me) A love story that starts out online, and things blossoms between Lucas and Maci quickly, and his wife is drawn into the relationship, giving Maci two owners.  Journal’d entries of her life account or her past relationships and why she’s such a broken girl, and take you on the path of her future with the most wonder people she has ever encountered. Will she have a happy ending?
Diary of a Broken Me

Thianna D Follow me on Twitter

I have several books on this website you can peruse. Just look at Thianna’s Books. I also have many more coming in 2013. Follow my blog to be the first to hear about new projects including the next countdown and my 2013 book tour.

Travis Naught You can follow him on Twitter

You can also find a book of poetry he has written here:

Book Cover for The Virgin Journals by Travis Naught Available from the publisher.

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