SL1 – While you have the time… #SantaLetters

Hey Santa,

Now that Christmas and New Year’s is over and you have had a little time to rest, I thought I would put in a word early for this year’s stocking. Plus, with January being your month off… maybe it can ruminate in that brain of yours how to make it happen.

You don’t have to worry about my goals. I’m working on them. But I do need help with one gift that always seems to escape me.

You know the one. No not that one. Nope. No… Come on, Santa. Don’t tease me!


Yep, that one. I know it is a lot to ask, Santa, and that you have billions of requests coming in daily, but if you could see fit to have that particular gift sitting next to my stocking next Christmas, I would be one very happy girl.

I’m what? On both the good girl and naughty girl lists? Well, that’s nice to hear. Do I get stuff from both?

No, wait, forget I asked. The only thing I want you to concentrate on is that one gift.

Please, Santa? Make this girl’s dream come true?

Also. Since you have the time, I know of some girls and boys who had a pretty rotten holiday season who could really use a pick-me-up. Yep, I knew you would know who I was talking about. Please help them to get over the horrors they have experienced and to grow up healthy and happy.

Thank you, Santa.

You are the best and I’m not just saying that because I want my gift… Well, okay there is a little bit of me in there, but really, it’s just a tiny amount. A smidge, just a pinch… okay, so maybe its 70/30… At least it is mostly not about sucking up;)

Have fun sunbathing in the Caribbean this winter.

What? I wasn’t supposed to tell? Oops! Okay, nobody else read that, I’m sure, Santa. And if they did, I’m sure they won’t tell their friends, neighbors, Twitter buddies, Facebook followers…

Not making you feel any better about it? Ummm, how about this?

I’ll send up two bottles of limoncello special for you. I will even mark it as “Reindeer Medicine” so that Mrs. Claus doesn’t go all crazy about it. How’s that? Are we good?


Okay, going to sign off before I get myself in trouble again. Have a great January and don’t go walking around in your board shorts. Please?

Why not?

Let’s not worry about the reason, shall we? Please?

You really want to know? Well… ummm. last year they could see you from space, Santa. Said you were brighter than the sun. Ha ha, and I really didn’t think you wanted everyone to see…

WHAT? I’ve moved completely to the naughty list? This is not going well. Tell you what, just enjoy your holiday and don’t think of me at all. (I’m sure it would not go well for me)

Bye, Santa…. You are breaking up… Can’t hear you! Gonna sign off now…

Crap! That did not go well. How can I butter him up next month?

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