Wasted Energy

Ever get the feeling we waste a tremendous amount of energy on the wrong things?

For decades, people focused on the cold war. Then, when the Berlin Wall came down, they did not even take the time to rejoice before they found some other terror to worry about.

Thirteen years ago the naysayers of the computer world had the world worried that the computers would shut down at 12AM on Jan 1, 2000, thus sending our world into a frizz. Guess what? NEVER HAPPENED.

And now we are ghosting through another stupid scare. Seriously? The world would END on December 21, 2012? Who came up with that analogy? Someone who wanted to bank on other’s fears, more than likely. Fear is big business. If you can get someone to fear something, you have them in the palm of your hand.

Have you ever filled out a calendar? You work it out a certain length and then think… you know what? That’s enough. That might be what happened with the Mayan calendar. Or, here’s a thought, that was all a fucking guessing game and the calendar stood for something completely different.

Instead of worrying what ‘might’ happen, we should focus on the good and what we want to happen. Focus on peace, love, happiness. Focus on the best sex you have ever had and expect to have again.

Focus on the good. Because that is all that matters.

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