Winter’s Lioness for Six Sentence Sunday – #sixsunday

Having fun reading the other Six Sunday posts? They are amazing, aren’t they?

As promised, every week through the end of the year I will give a six sentence look into one of the stories posted for the Erotic Holiday Countdown.

For this week we have a look into Winter’s Lioness by Max, a 13,944 word erotic novella – and you get all of it over 7 days! Be sure and go over to thank Max for his amazing contribution!

This six sentence excerpt is when Heather and Erik are in the shower. I think the words speak for themselves.

Awkwardly twisting in the process and steadying herself with one hand on Erik’s head, Heather was unprepared for the next wave of convulsions.  The air was forced from her lungs as her diaphragm heaved in response to a series of intense pussy contractions.  Heather was left gasping while grabbing on to Erik’s head.  His hair was too short to grip, or she would have pulled out handfuls while struggling with how her sex was ecstatically clenching and the strength in her legs had melted away.  When he kissed her clit, Heather’s mouth hung open and she was breathless as she orgasmed and squirted all over Erik’s three fingers and his chin.  It drained everything from her, and Heather felt her wobbly legs and arms give out.  

The Erotic Holiday Countdown is on now through December 31, 2012 here at my blog. There are several authors and many different types of erotica to be savored and drooled over for the month. And to top it off, I am giving one lucky reader/commenter their very own original story with them as the hero/heroine of at least 1500 words. Sound like fun?

Follow this blog to be notified of when each story is posted! And check out the Calendar of Erotica at the bottom of the Erotic Holiday Countdown page which shows you which authors and which stories are posted when.

Erotic Holiday Countdown stories are:

Christmas Wood
Diary of a Broken Me: The Christmas Contract
Gift of Giving Club
There is Still Life in the Old Boy Yet
Unintended Gifts
New Year’s Orgy
Only on New Year’s Eve

As of Dec 31, all stories have been posted.

Have fun checking out the rest of the Six Sentence Sunday posts!

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