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Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday,  brought to us by those amazing people over at Six Sunday!

This is the last Six Sentence post of the year – and the last Erotic Holiday Countdown Six Sunday post. Today’s excerpt is from Stuffing the Holiday Virgin by Macy Alexander.
Alone for the holidays, she goes to spend them with her roommate’s family. While there, she has her first two sexual experiences in unexpected ways. In this scene, she spends some time with her roommate’s mom while she starts the holiday dinner.

She had finished mixing the stuffing and had the turkey out. I’m not sure if it was the wine or that I never watched someone stuff a turkey, but I was mesmerized, it was erotic somehow. I watched her pull open the legs and reach her hand deep inside the opening, pushing the stuffing in. I imagined what it’d be like to have my legs open like that, a thick cock pushing in deep inside me. My eyes were closed and I think I moaned aloud just a little… because I suddenly felt a warm hand caressing my thigh. I opened my eyes and saw her other hand brush my cheek then push my hair back over my ear. 

Stuffing the Holiday Virgin can be found here in its entirety.

The Erotic Holiday Countdown is on now, December 1-31, 2012 here at my blog. There are several authors and many different types of erotica to be savored and drooled over for the month. And to top it off, I am giving one lucky reader/commenter their very own original story with them as the hero/heroine of at least 1500 words. Sound like fun?

Follow this blog to be notified of when each story is posted! And check out the Calendar of Erotica which shows you which authors and which stories are posted when.

Erotic Holiday Countdown stories currently available are:

Christmas Wood
Diary of a Broken Me: The Christmas Contract
Gift of Giving Club
There is Still Life in the Old Boy Yet
Unintended Gifts
New Year’s Orgy
Only on New Year’s Eve

Read all the stories of the Erotic Holiday Countdown. A holiday gift from us!

Have fun checking out the rest of the Six Sentence Sunday posts!

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