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Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday,  brought to us by those amazing people over at Six Sunday!

Today’s excerpt is from Diary of a Broken Me: The Christmas Contract, a 1397 word story by Penelope Jones which will be available December 26th here on my blog for the Erotic Holiday Countdown. 
Maci is a broken sub. She has finally found an amazing M/s relationship, but it is going too fast and she knows He will find a reason to dump her. In a series of letters, we see her fears and His responses. This is from one of her letters about her past doms.

They always find a reason notto want me, this is why I’m broken.

Not pretty enough, not smart enough, not sexy enough, or not Emo enough? Or Perhaps… not Masochistic enough, not a big enough slut, too slutty, too sexy, and last but not least… too Emo.  Seriously I’ve heard it all, Sir.  Pick your poison. Which one of those do I not fulfill for you, or maybe it’s a few options? 

This story is available here.

The Erotic Holiday Countdown is on now, December 1-31, 2012 here at my blog. There are several authors and many different types of erotica to be savored and drooled over for the month. And to top it off, I am giving one lucky reader/commenter their very own original story with them as the hero/heroine of at least 1500 words. Sound like fun?

Follow this blog to be notified of when each story is posted! And check out the Calendar of Erotica which shows you which authors and which stories are posted when.

Erotic Holiday Countdown stories are:

Christmas Wood
Diary of a Broken Me: The Christmas Contract
Gift of Giving Club
There is Still Life in the Old Boy Yet
Unintended Gifts
New Year’s Orgy
Only on New Year’s Eve

Have fun checking out the rest of the Six Sentence Sunday posts!

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