Six Sentence Sunday – a little erotic romance

Yay! It’s Six Sentence Sunday again and we are in December! Does that seem crazy to anyone else? As promised, this teaser is to one of the stories for the Erotic Holiday Countdown. And excitingly  – the full story is also available today.

Here is a 6 sentence sampler from Forgetting About What Happened, a 3,111 word m/f erotic short story by Ray Sostre. Jeremy is unhappy. Monica, the woman he loves and yet whom he gave up because she wanted someone else, has finally confessed that she loves him. In this teaser, she has just told him she also knows he cares for her.

Jeremy’s stubborn pride would have given everything to walk out the door on her. She knew… she knew! She knew he had feelings for her; and he’d been about to tell her how he felt, but that plan went straight out the window with her revelation about Mr. Parker. He should tell her to go to hell and walk out that door and never look back. But it was two days before Christmas and Jeremy still cared for her. How often did a woman wake up and realize that the person she belonged with was right in front her? 

The Erotic Holiday Countdown is on now through December 31, 2012 here at my blog. There are several authors and many different types of erotica to be savored. m/m, m/f and f/f, (some kinky, some not) and drooled over for the month. And to top it off, I am giving one lucky reader/commenter their very own original story with them as the hero/heroine of at least 1500 words. Sound like fun?

Follow this blog to be notified of when each story is posted! And check out the Calendar of Erotica which shows you which authors and which stories are posted when.

Erotic Holiday Countdown stories are:

Christmas Wood
Diary of a Broken Me: The Christmas Contract
Gift of Giving Club
There is Still Life in the Old Boy Yet
Unintended Gifts
New Year’s Orgy
Only on New Year’s Eve

UPDATE: As of Dec 31, all stories have been posted.

Have fun checking out the rest of the Six Sentence Sunday posts!

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