I was wrong… and I am not ashamed to admit it

Yep, I was wrong. I said it.

What was I wrong about?

Well, two months ago, I sent a novella off to a publisher. It is one of my Library Tales, but was just under 30,000 words and I thought I would see if a publisher would be interested in it as it was so long – plus, while it is a library tale, it has a very different twist to it.

Anyway, I got the rejection back and as most authors I assume, their ‘response’ bothered me. They did not like my hero. True, in the first few chapters, he was a bastard of epic proportions, but over the story he changed. They did not want him to be a bastard at all.

I considered self-publishing it as I had done with the others, but kept going back and forth.

I could re-write it with a nicer hero.

I could self publish

I could re-write it with a nicer hero.

I could self-publish

On and on it went like some annoying broken record. So, finally I made a copy of the original and began to re-write.

At first I HATED this new storyline. True, Nicholas was a nice enough guy now, and an intriguing hero, but I was afraid it would turn into a gawd-awful Meg Ryan movie… and if that happened, I would self publish the original manuscript.

Thankfully, it did not happen.

Instead, I LOVE this storyline even more than the original. So… I admit it! I was wrong! Nicholas is amazing as a good guy, and that angle completely took the story in a direction I did not expect and I LOVED writing the last 10,000 words. Oh yeah, and the story now is almost 40,000 words.

So, maybe publishers do know what they are doing… Who’d a’ thought?

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