Erotic Holiday Countdown – Day 9

Title: Winter’s Lioness, Part 5

Author: Max – Visit him at Website | Twitter
This story is © by Max and used with permission.

Note:  This story includes temporary piercing play and rough sex between consenting adults. It will be posted in 7 parts.

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By now Heather knew that the sudden clenching of her pussy and the way her fingers intertwined with his gave her away.  But he wouldn’t know whether it was the idea of him cumming in her pussy or the offer to slide his wet cock up her ass that excited her.  He’d have to guess while she enjoyed the way his pulsing member was caressing her inner walls and teasing the places he’d bruised earlier getting her off.  She grinned and knew her eyes were ringed with balefire as she said, “I’d like to see you try.”  Then she pinned Erik to the bed and began beating her pelvis against his to make it clear how much control she had while her pussy swallowed his cock and drooled on to his balls.
He let her set the rhythm, her grinding and bruising thrusts rocking Erik’s entire body and causing the hotel bed to shudder underneath them.  His lioness was right, of course.  If this was just a matter of leverage and weight then she had him flat on his back with no choice but to accept her dominance astride his cock.  But there were no rules like that, no limitations that held him back.  Erik’s hands wrapped around Heather’s thighs, his thumbs pressing into the top while his fingertips sunk into the muscle and began separating meat from bone.  He anticipated her response as he held her in place over his pelvis.  She tipped forward, expecting the pain Erik was trying to inflict, and she drove the heels of her hands into his chest.  He winced – and Heather remembered the bleeding bite wound.  In the dim light her fingers sought it out, intending to claw, scratch, and tear at Erik’s flesh until he knew her power.
Vulnerable during the moment of mental transition from one goal to another, Heather lifted up just enough for Erik to seize his opportunity.  His hands slipped inward, his thumbs curling until they dug into Heather’s wet labia, and then he pushed down with his legs while sitting up.  There was a moment when Heather knew she could flatten her body against him and retain control, but Erik stole it from her as his teeth latched on to her collarbone and he pulled her sideways with him.
They fought, thrashing at one another while the duvet and pillows were brushed off the bed.  Heather made sure to reward Erik’s opportunistic bite with twice that, but he was not concerned with her tearing his skin again.  Erik lashed out in controlled bursts, letting Heather grapple but not letting her latch on to him for long.  And when she saw his savage smile caught in the soft glow from the window, Heather locked up knowing it was already too late.
Erik could smell her all over him, filling the room with her scent, and it made his blood burn and his heart race.  She cut and scraped and clawed at him, powerful in her own right, and he felt her occasional gloating words try to crack his resolve.  He had to have her, and she knew it was just a matter of time, but together they had to battle to this conclusion.  Feeling the ache in his forearm where her crushing bite had ripped muscle and bruised bone, Erik drove his palm between Heather’s breasts and delivered a precise strike to her solar plexus.  He felt the way her legs went rigid before his hand delivered a stunning blow, and then her body lurched involuntarily as Heather felt her life breath leap from her lungs.  She had to gasp to draw it back in.
There was a lingering doubt deep in Erik’s mind as he disengaged and dragged Heather to middle of the bed.  She was coughing and sputtering, cursing him, but it was her pride which hurt more than anything else.  She’d know next time not to let him keep a distance between them.  He smiled knowing that.  He also knew that next time, or maybe in just a few minutes, Heather would nail him with the same cheap shot if he didn’t distract her.
But he had a distraction already planned.  Erik tossed the pillows and duvet on the bed, and Heather kicked them off of her.  They were both radiating heat and the cold air in the small hotel room felt good.  He turned on a few small LED reading lights, providing just enough glow to guide him to the iodine, cotton swabs, and a tea saucer piled with sterile needles.  “So you like it in the ass,” he murmured to draw Heather’s focus to him.  “But I understand you love the prick of a needle sliding into your skin, dragging through your flesh, and tugging swelling and then erupting out of your skin again.”  He chuckled at Heather’s instant silence.  “So if I give you this,” he gestured with his hands full, “will you roll over and pull your ass open for me to enjoy?”
Forcing herself to be calm, regaining her composure after being partially stunned, Heather glanced over the heap of plastic on the saucer and then up at Erik.  She could see him now, her eyes had been adjusted to the dark room and now the harsh white glow of the LEDs was more than enough to light Erik properly.  There were welts on the left side of his throat that flowed down into his chest hair from her claws.  There were dark blotches on his arm, chest, and ribs from her bites.  Heather ran her tongue over her lips and realized she could still taste the iron from his blood mingling with the cask flavoured wine.  She licked her lips again.  Erik tasted good in her mouth.  Only the ache from her chest and the painful shallow breaths she was forced to take reminded Heather she had been been in a struggle.  She smiled and rearranged the pillows so she could sit upright.  “I won.”
“Of course you did,” Erik shrugged.  “Would I want a lioness who couldn’t win?”  He elegantly turned around her proposition while making it clear he was attracted to her violence as well as her mind.  His display of caution approaching the bed was intentional though, and they both knew he was anticipating her revenge for letting him get in a cheap shot.
With a laugh Heather spread her feet and began fingering her wet lips and then stroking her clit.  She knew how to get into Erik’s head – she didn’t need to kick or punch him to stop him in his tracks.  “So… my ass…” she said slowly as he drew closer.  Rolling her neck from side to side, Heather tried to take a deep breath and then exhaled when it hurt too much.  “I guess that depends on how good you are with those.”
“Oh,” he murmured.  “But they come with a special treat.  You’ll see.”  He set the saucer and iodine on to the bedside table and then pulled two swabs from the mass of cotton in his hand.  “First though, we need to make sure you aren’t dirty.”
Heather kept playing with her pussy, enjoying how it distracted Erik, and not minding the way her biceps pushed her breasts together and put them on display.  Her fingers dragged over her plush labia, and she toyed with stroking her clitoris hood from side to side.  At the same time Heather watched Erik’s preparations.  He poured some iodine onto one cotton swab and then wiped down her forearms.  Her skin stained and darkened as the solution soaked in.  Erik was very deliberate and drew distinct rectangles on her arms, and Heather was amused that he took such precautions.  The fact that all of this was well planned in advance didn’t surprise her one bit.  But in the heat of the moment, Erik’s clinical detachment was fun to toy with.  When his second cotton swab was placed on her tit, Heather looked up long enough to make it clear she was allowing Erik to touch her.  Then she leaned back into the pillows and let her arms fall to the sides of her torso – giving Erik full access to the round curves of her breasts and the swell of her nipples.
He took it in stride, but Erik wondered what price he would pay for Heather’s willingness.  It was no surprise that Heather continued to encourage him, spreading her legs further apart to let Erik wipe her outer labia and then her thighs down.  She was teasing him by being so willing and eager – and it was becoming clear this was now a battle of minds.  He grinned anyway.  It was a rare to find a woman who enjoyed needles so much that she was comfortable with him temporarily piercing her nipples and lips.  To find that in a proud lioness made Erik’s cock quiver in response.  His injuries were forgotten, and if doing exactly what Heather wanted meant she won again, then he was perfectly fine with that.  After all he was getting far more than he could have hoped from his last night in London.
He double checked his work, looking for any spots he missed, and was glad that the iodine showed well on Heather’s pale white skin.  There was no need to say anything, the sting of the needle and the scratching sensation under her skin would communicate much louder and far more clearly than words.  Now and again Heather’s eyes lit up with mirth while staring at Erik’s chest while he worked – blood was slowly matting the dark curly hair, and Heather licked her lips every time she noticed it.  He disposed of the used iodine soaked swabs, and then spread out six individually packed needles along Heather’s abdomen.  She sat there and watched him with eager eyes.  Erik was reminded of how his father always made him get the belt for his punishments.  Now the needles were there, resting on her skin, and he could see the look of anticipation in Heather’s face.  The moment hung between them and her eyes darted from looking down between her breasts and then back to Erik’s grin.
If he had expected her to initiate things with a gesture then Erik made no sign of it.  He undid the first needle, pushing it through the plastic wrap, and then sliding the hard plastic shield off the business end.  With two fingers pushing down and stretching the skin, he punctured Heather’s forearm and then intentionally took his time driving the needle through the top layer of her skin before watching the inevitable crowning and exit half an inch away.  There was a single drip of blood, and Erik smiled at the subtlety of the fine needle and its impact.  He was certain that he saw Heather’s abdomen clench and her pussy lips wetten in response to the sensations.  But her arm was still limp and only the slightest twitch of her fingers indicated she had felt something.
“Another?” he asked to give Heather a chance to breathe.  She lifted her arm up and looked at the coloured plastic end of the needle, then back at him.  A slow nod and then a dreamy smile were the only response she gave.  Erik realized Heather was slipping into her own headspace.  He didn’t need to ask to continue.
The second needle was a bitch – no surprise after the first had been so well behaved.  It went too deep and Heather shivered as it plunged below the epidermis and into a bit of tissue before emerging again.  She reacted to the third and forth like she was being stung by a wasp, and Erik had to be extra cautious that he didn’t stab himself or lose his grip.  The heightened level of sensation showed as tension built up in her body – her forearm flexing and her fingers curling as the needles drilled through her flesh.  The fifth was beautiful – Heather actually arched her back and came off the bed and pillows as the hollow steel slid through the thin skin halfway between her elbow and wrist.  He stopped there, letting Heather catch her breath, and then retrieved the sixth needle from her lap.

Hope you enjoyed Winter’s Lioness, Part 5.

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This was the Day 9 story for the 2012 Erotic Holiday Countdown.

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