Erotic Holiday Countdown – Day 8

Title: Winter’s Lioness, Part 4

Author: Max – Visit him at Website | Twitter
This story is © by Max and used with permission.

Note:  This story includes temporary piercing play and rough sex between consenting adults. It will be posted in 7 parts.

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Tangled up like that, Erik had to work very carefully to ease himself first to his knees, and then back up into the water.  Luckily the shower head was a wall mounted wand, and he could reach back into the spray and push the flexible hose up until the head came free and crashed down on him.  For a moment there was water everywhere, and then he had the shower wand in hand and aimed it away from them.  His body ached while he tentatively got to his feet, then he held on to the soap dish while offering Heather his hand so she could sit up.

Heather was worn out.  Her belly ached from the intensity of the orgasm Erik had given her, and her head hurt from smacking it into the wall not once but a few times.  And she was decidedly in the afterglow and totally uninterested in moving.  But she let Erik try, because it amused her and required no effort on her part.  Until he got smart, grabbed the shower wand, and aimed it directly at her bruised labia and oversensitive clit.
“Oy,” she sighed.  “Haven’t you done enough?”  The water actually felt kind of good, but Heather wasn’t about to let her body betray her a second time.  It actually hurt to feel the water impact on her swollen lips.  But her thighs were twitching from the drumming spray of water rinsing her lips and clitoris hood.  She felt it was best not to tempt herself.
“C’mon you.  Sit up and we can just cuddle for a bit in the water.”
Heather peered at Erik through half lidded eyes.  He was hiding something.  “Cuddle.  I bite.  Or don’t you remember?”
“Smart ass.  All sass, no happy ending for me, eh?”  He chuckled and stood up, dodging Heather’s half hearted kick at his ankle.  “Well I’ll be in the bedroom then, got to get my rest if I’m going to look good at breakfast with such a fierce beauty.”  Then Erik gestured toward his chest wound.  “After I bandage things up a bit.”  He winked.
If she hadn’t been so relaxed, Heather would have stopped him from going.  But it was effort, and she was comfortable and warm.  There was a momentary draft when the shower curtain opened, but then it closed and the only sound was Erik humming to himself while the shower spray beat on the end of the bathtub.  She let the warmth soak into her body, relaxing, and smiled while enjoying the heady pleasant after effects of her vigorous orgasm.
He was reclining in bed when Heather came out in a terry cloth bathrobe she’d hung on the bathroom door.  All the pillows where propped behind his back, and he was reading something on his laptop.  The lights were dim and the partially curtains drawn, but as soon as Heather turned off the bathroom light, the lights of the market across the Camden Locks canal were visible.  The exposed floor to ceiling windows were splashed with reflections bouncing off the black water and thin crust of snow and ice.  Only Erik’s LCD screen glowed brighter, and Heather walked by the bed to look around.
There was no moon, only a few market lights and lamps along the canal path.  The hotel had its own coloured trim lighting which made an oddly regular shape on the wavering surface of the dark canal.  Slow close to Christmas there were a few holiday lights decorated the market courtyard nearest the canal, but only one of strings was powered.  Heather imagined she was seeing the flickering progression of the Cyberdog lights bouncing off the sky in the distance, but she couldn’t be sure.  Things got darker, and she turned to see that Erik had closed his laptop and was standing in the shadows.  Heather stepped around the chair by the window and went to him, reaching out with a hand so she didn’t stumble into the end of the bed, and only when she was a few steps away did he whisper, “Careful, I’ve poured you a glass of wine.”
Eyes adjusted to the dim room, she checked the counter and saw her glass was gone.  Heather took his advice and crossed the remaining distance between them slowly and deliberately.  Then he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hug.  “Glad you made it out of waterworld,” he kissed her cheek.  Then his hand found her own, and he carefully guided by touch to the wine glass on the bedside table.
She picked it up and scented it.  The hot shower had thawed her sense of smell – and the wine had a nice bouquet though a bit sweet.  She swished it in the glass very carefully, not knowing how full the glass might be, and was happy the wine didn’t slosh over the edge while she gave it air.  She had a sip, consciously not taking a large swallow in front of Erik, then another, and looked at Erik with a question on her face that he could not see.
“It’s a Cape Vintage Reserve,” he murmured in response to Heather’s silence.  “It was recommended by a friend, but since I don’t drink – I can’t say if it’s good or not.”  He shrugged and eased himself back into bed.  “Always think wine and alcohol taste like spoiled fruit or petrol.  Never developed a taste for it.”
Heather thought about that and took a sip.  So only one glass because he didn’t drink.  She had known that but it was still strange in person.  The wine was a nice red, probably not something she would have selected for herself, but a rather friendly gesture.  Especially since it wasn’t given she would have ever come back to the hotel room with Erik.  “I should go,” she said at the thought, and when Erik didn’t respond, she took that as agreement.  She was stepping forward to set the wine glass back down and find a lamp switch when Erik reached out to her belly.
She stood still while his hand worked the loose tie of the terry cloth robe and released it.  In the dark he could not per se see Heather, but he was quite capable of understanding where she was and had gotten a very good look at the shape of her in the shower.  Her skin felt hot to the touch, so Erik took his time working his hand along her belly to her hip and then applied enough pressure to pull Heather to him.  It’s not like she was really resisting, and he knew that.  She just needed to be reassured he still wanted her after the hunt was over.
He did.
He allowed Heather time to sip more of her wine and then set it down.  And Erik laughed when she pushed her way into bed and on top of him.  “You stole all the pillows,” she glowered once she was right over his face, and Erik could smell the wine and her natural fragrance surrounding him.  Then her hands pushed down on his chest, and Heather raked her nails from his pecs to his waist – delighted to discover he was completely naked.  “Mmmmmm… and what’s this?”  she murmured while leaning forward to kiss and lightly bite Erik’s belly and then his pelvis.  “Something tasty I think.”  She kissed his limp cock and warmed it with her breath.  “But left out in the cold too long.”  She laughed at her own joke, and then brushed her robe out to the sides.
When Heather straddled him, Erik wasn’t sure what to expect.  But then she lowered herself down, spreading her knees and thighs, and covered his cock with her heated pussy.  It was better than any mouth or kiss, and stirred life in him despite Erik’s earlier misgivings.  He couldn’t see Heather retie her robe shut, trapping her heat in and directing it toward his cock, but he felt her rocking back and forth while teasing him.
His hands reached down and found hers waiting.  She gripped his fingers, and tugged on him while she ground against his penis and pelvis.  “So lovely,” she coo’d and then wiggled from side to side to align his thickening cock with the spread of her moist labia.  “So easy, too,” she sang to him in a soft tenor.  Still crushing his fingers, Heather lifted up and leaned forward.  It took several tries, but finally she was able to separate Erik’s cock from his pelvis enough to fit his glans into her lips.  “Is this what you wanted?”  Even in the darkness the flushed heat of that evil grin could be felt.
Erik let Heather ride down his shaft and then sighed contentedly.  “You’re getting me nice and wet…” he chuckled.  “So I never asked how you feel about having your ass fucked.”  He let the thought hang in the air for a moment.  “Because it’s probably not safe for me to cum in you bareback.”

Hope you enjoyed Winter’s Lioness, Part 4.

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This was the Day 8 story for the 2012 Erotic Holiday Countdown.

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