Erotic Holiday Countdown – Day 7

Title: Winter’s Lioness, Part 3

Author: Max – Visit him at Website | Twitter
This story is © by Max and used with permission.

Note:  This story includes temporary piercing play and rough sex between consenting adults. It will be posted in 7 parts.
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This time his suddenness wasn’t a surprise.  Heather anticipated the moment when he turned her to face the shower wall, and she deliberately spread her feet to give him better access.  Erik made a note of her willingness, and slid in behind her with his teeth on the back of her neck.  His nips and biting caused Heather to tip her head back, and then Erik found his way to her shaved labia with strong fingers grasping and cupping tender flesh.  She tipped her head forward too fast, forehead smacking into the shower wall and seeing stars, but the distraction faded to a dull roar when two of Erik’s fingers found their way into her sex.
He picked her up one handed – with his fingers wedged into Heather’s hot slick pussy and his palm cradling her pelvis bone.  With his forearm across her chest, Erik kept Heather from tipping to the side, but he could do nothing about how she whacked her head into the wall.  It didn’t seem to matter much.  Her pussy was clenching, fighting his fingers but squeezing out her inner wetness to ease their passage deeper between her walls.  Erik got a feel for Heather’s weight, and carefully balanced the force he was using against her center of gravity.  The water thundered in his ears while his heart was pounding, but Erik was more interested in his lioness’ response.
She was sputtering at first.  The blow to her head had caused her to gasp – and she got a gulp of shower spray and steamy air that caused her to cough and gag.  Before Heather could catch her breath, her diaphragm and abdomen clenched in response to the force of sudden penetration.  She sputtered some more.  He was rushing in – the wrestling on the bed and their shared kisses the only foreplay he offered.  Now she could feel Erik – not just his fingers in her pussy but how powerful he really was.  Was it terribly wrong to laugh while thrusting her pussy down and grinding into his hand?  Was it terrible to wiggle her bottom and make him work to keep finger fucking her pussy?  Was it wrong to tip her head forward, ignoring the way her forehead hit the shower wall again, so she could bite his forearm and tear at his tight flesh and muscle with her teeth?  He brought this out in her, and Heather wasn’t about to tell him that every other man had run away long before she drew blood.
Erik carefully dragged Heather back from the wall a full step – using her pussy to pull on her body, and was amused when she took advantage of the additional clearance to really sink her teeth into his arm.  She was a biter, and he suspected she enjoyed him letting her get away with that.  He eased his fingers out of her pussy just enough, and tried to shove three fingers into her.  But she wasn’t having that – Heather squeezed down and screamed while still biting him when Erik’s third finger stabbed into her opening and stopped with his fingernail digging into her tender inner wall.  He had to let go; the pain and damage Heather was inflicting was too much for him to ignore for much longer.  But he was quick to recover and turn Heather again, this time spinning her around so fast she almost fell down.
Once she was pinned to the bathroom wall, Heather could look at him again.  His chest was still bleeding, and now there was a very angry red gash and welt on his forearm as well.  But all that was just decoration compared to the burning fire in Erik’s eyes.  Some part of Heather tried to hide and run away, but the rest of her was grinning and laughing as he came for her.  Erik ran his powerful hands up her ribs and held her by her breasts – and then he lifted her up in the most excruciating way possible.  Heather shook and struggled to break free, feeling her tits separate from her pectoral muscles, but Erik had her back against the wall so there was nowhere to go.  Only when she opened her mouth to scream did he let her down again, and then he leaned in close and snarled, “You need a good thorough fucking, love.”  There was menace there, and now all of Heather was hitting the panic button, but that didn’t wipe the shit eating grin from her face or stop her pussy was creaming itself.
Erik’s fingers found Heather’s sex, and she was dripping with thick slick juices just as he had expected.  He wasn’t sure she got off on pain so much as she liked to inflict it.  He wasn’t sure fear was what made her soaked so much as being challenged and being in the heat of the moment did.  But it didn’t matter.  He sunk to his knees, sure Heather was mostly in shock and pacified, and began fingering her pussy while licking her clit.
Heather slumped forward as she melted and had to hold on to Erik’s head to keep from puddling and being rinsed away down the drain.  His fingers were rough until he found something, and then he began stroking and rubbing the same place within her pussy while his tongue lapped and frenched her exposed clitoris.  He dug a little deeper, seeking a different spot, and the motion of his mouth translated to his chin which pushed his fingers against her tender inner walls with a rhythm slightly out of sync with her throbbing clitoris.  He kept going, slowly exploring in a circle until Heather felt her pussy clench and spasm.  Then he hit that same spot again, this time while suckling her clit and drawing part of her labia into his mouth.  She shuddered in response and felt her arm hair stand on end despite the hot shower.  He pushed up into her pussy, his knuckles grinding into her labia and opening, and began fucking that sensitive spot over and over while Heather seized and spasmed uncontrollably.
It wasn’t long before he found it.  Usually the ribbed flesh just underneath the clitoris is a woman’s sensitive spot, but when that didn’t provoke a response Erik deliberately felt his way around within Heather’s pussy.  He couldn’t see what he was doing.  His eyes were tightly shut because the shower water was splashing against the side of his face.  So he went on his sense of touch alone, focusing on the weak fluttering of Heather’s pussy and the occasional strong twitches of her abdomen.  His mouth worked over her clit, tiring out his tongue and then his jaw.  But he wanted to see if this was even possible – and Erik admittedly had a fetish for getting women off.  Besides the longer he kept her attention absorbed by her own pussy’s convulsions, the more time Erik had to heal.  His arm hurt and his chest burned where water mixed with the wounds she had given him.  Heather wasn’t going to be biting him any time soon when she was holding on to his head and shoulders just to keep from collapsing in response to how he was playing her clit and pussy like a boss.
And then his fingers stroked over a spot just barely within his reach, deep along the back wall of her pussy, and Heather clenched so hard that Erik almost bit her clit.  As it was, his chin got pushed down and back which made his jaw ache and his ears ring.  But now he had her.  Erik pushed his fingers in harder, feeling his knuckles wedged against her lovely pliable pussy lips, and found the spot again.  This time he was prepared, and stroked his tongue from side to side over Heather’s pleasure nub while pressing into her moist sex canal.  Heather jumped, twitched, and sagged on to him all at the same time.  Erik made an executive decision, knowing he could only sustain this position for so long before Heather’s weight would cause his back and legs to cramp up in the tightly constricted shower.  He went all the way.
Her clit ached from the intense vacuum suction, and then Heather moaned as she felt the rough texture of Erik’s tongue while he kissed and licked her.  Her hands slipped to his shoulder, and she barely had the strength to keep herself upright against the shower wall and not slide down to the bottom of the tub.  His fingers began pumping in and out of her pussy, and Heather grunted as she tried to push up with her feet but instead only Erik’s knuckles punching into her bruised labia were lifting her body.  Deep inside, her tender walls was beginning to tighten and spasm, but it was covered up by the soothing sensations of Erik’s hard working tongue.  She breathed deep, trying to relax, but her heart was still pounding.  For a second it seemed like Erik was giving up, and his tongue and mouth came away from her clitoris.  She could feel how hard he was breathing through the motion of his head against her abdomen and his heaving shoulders.
One last try.  Erik drew back his two fingers, feeling the dead weight of Heather’s nearly limp body on his face and shoulders, and then he stroked three fingers deep into her pussy.  Her feet kicked at the sides of the tub, trying to find purchase, and Erik was sure he had clawed her again.  But now he knew what he was going for.  His fingers sought out the spot deep inside of her pussy, feeling along her spine, and Erik began to tease the hell out of the sensitive warm folds of Heather’s sex using just his curled fingertips.
Heather’s sight blurred and only the endless drumming of the shower water could make it through her overwhelmed senses.  Her belly heaved and her pussy squeezed down so hard that Heather thought she’d piss herself.  Her hand found the soap dish on the way down the wall, and she made an effort to push up before it was too late to recover.  Awkwardly twisting in the process and steadying herself with one hand on Erik’s head, Heather was unprepared for the next wave of convulsions.  The air was forced from her lungs as her diaphragm heaved in response to a series of intense pussy contractions.  Heather was left gasping while grabbing on to Erik’s head.  His hair was too short to grip, or she would have pulled out handfuls while struggling with how her sex was ecstatically clenching and the strength in her legs had melted away.  When he kissed her clit, Heather’s mouth hung open and she was breathless as she orgasmed and squirted all over Erik’s three fingers and his chin.  It drained everything from her, and Heather felt her wobbly legs and arms give out.  She sunk into Erik who tipped to the side and protected her head as they slid to the bottom of the tub.

Hope you enjoyed Winter’s Lioness, Part 3.

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This was the Day 7 story for the 2012 Erotic Holiday Countdown.

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