Erotic Holiday Countdown – Day 6

Title: Winter’s Lioness, Part 2

Author: Max – Visit him at Website | Twitter
This story is © by Max and used with permission.

Note:  This story includes temporary piercing play and rough sex between consenting adults. It will be posted in 7 parts.
If you haven’t read Winter’s Lioness Part 1, you can do so here.

He wasn’t surprised when she hit him, though the kick to his nuts was a bit overdone.  Erik laughed and that fired her up.  Two shots to his face, one to the chest, and another two kicks.  He just soaked the damage, amused by her mock fury, and sure if Heather had wanted to really hurt him then she would have done it by now.  This was all foreplay.  Rough, chaotic, and vicious – just the way she liked it.  She went for his face again, this time aiming higher to smack his glasses off, and Erik stepped into her chest and grasped her by the throat.
“Now, those are awfully hard to replace while I’m traveling.”  He squeezed, toying with Heather’s fear and anger, and then picked her up while crushing her airway.  “And I need them to see you stripped naked and curled up next to me, don’t I?”  He pushed her back until the bed hit the back of her legs, and then he let her go.
She hit hard now.  As soon as he released her throat, Heather launched into Erik with her fingers tearing at him like talons.  But there was no soft exposed tissue – his leather jacket denied her any grip on his arms and his back.  She head butted his chest, feeling his sternum flex, but it wasn’t enough to knock the wind out of him.  So Heather shot a fist into his cock and grabbed his testicles.  While she ground them together, Erik kissed the top of her head, breathing in the perfume of her shampoo while locking her in place with his arms and chin.
“Better?” he whispered to her scalp while rubbing his nose against her soft blond hair.  “Does it feel good to have power over someone?”  He laughed and the rumbling chuckle was right against Heather’s face as she continued to squeeze his scrotum through his tacticals.  “Or is it just good to have some tenuous power over my cock?”
It took a moment for the words to filter through her rage.  Then Heather understood the setup.  She let go and leaned back, Erik opening his embrace enough for her to sit on the bed and lift her head up to look at him.  He was amused.  She was not.  With a snort and a growl she retorted, “If you were that desperate to have a woman grab your cock then you could have just called Arieta.”
“Ah, but I believe she charges for that.”  Erik was laughing and shaking his head as soon as she mentioned their young dominatrix friend, and Heather felt the tension release and despite herself she was laughing with him.  With a smile on his face, he said, “It’s very good to see you again.”  He leaned in and kissed Heather’s forehead.  He was careful to watch for her to headbutt him.  So she tipped her head back, inviting him in while mocking his caution, and Erik leaned in and bent enough to kiss her lips and rub the tip of her nose with his again.
She patted the duvet beside her, and Erik took off his jacket and sat down.  His clothes were visibly wet from dancing at the Electric Ballroom, and Heather could feel the moist perspiration in his snug fitting shirt when she pulled him to her with a fist gripping his chest.  He fought her, but let her win, and when Heather had him close enough she bit him and then kissed him roughly.  She could feel his teeth through her lips.  Erik pushed back into her mouth, and his fingertips kneaded her scalp while he pulled on her hair.  They fell on to the mattress and tugged and pulled and clawed at each other.  There was enough fire there to warm Heather up, and she could finally feel her fingers and toes.  He was playing and enjoying poking her in person instead of over the internet.
The practical part of her mind was wondering how to explain the redness and brush burn from Erik’s mustache and goatee scuffing her face.  Her fair skin would look roughed up when she saw her boyfriend the next evening.
With his hand under Heather’s shirt and nails scratching her lower back, Erik paused.  His hard cock was aching and sore, but things needed to slow down.  Just a bit of pacing really.  He kissed her again, savouring her lips and how she snapped her teeth shut on his tongue when he tried to draw it from her mouth.  He tapped his forehead against her, just enough to give Heather a bit of a knock, and she released him.  Her own hands were on his face, clawing at his temples and along the line of his jaw, and she seemed surprised that Erik didn’t react no matter how much pain she inflicted on him.  She was used to men breaking.  This was different.  It sucked her in.  Testing his limits.
He took a deep breath.  “Wine is on the counter,” she kissed him and cut him off.  “Mmmmhmmmm…” he murmured into her mouth.  When she released his lips, he continued, “And I wouldn’t want to leave a bad taste in your mouth…”
“What?  Is it not good wine?”  She looked toward the bottle by the TV.  She felt he had waited long enough.  Heather had had her eyes on the red wine as soon as they had gotten into the room.
He laughed at the ruse to distract Heather and untangled himself.  “No, I’m sure it’s fine.”  He got to his feet, accepted her hand and helped her sit upright.  “But I’m sure you’d rather I shower before you wrap those lips and sharp teeth around my cock.”  He laughed at her squinting glare and took a few steps toward the bathroom.
Heather watched him go, her eyes intently on his chest and then his ass.  He was toying with her again, and she wouldn’t fall for it.  But then he caught her off guard anyway.
“I would enjoy having you join me, but I understand if that’s too personal.”  In an instant, without any warning, his voice had become tender and accommodating like he really cared.  Heather was replaying it back, feeling the emotional wash of hope and interest cause her to blush.  And then he disappeared into the bathroom.
Heather puzzled over the invitation, looked at the wine, and puzzled some more.  She didn’t see Erik as sentimental or quietly passionate.  He wore his heart on his sleeve, and it was cold and hard and dark.  But maybe… It wasn’t until Erik sent his boots bouncing out of the bathroom that she realized the door was open, and he was serious about having her shower with him.
Somehow Erik had managed to strip her coat from only one side of her body.  She worked the last sleeve of her coat off and then took off her boots.  She could do this.  Heather pursed her lips and ran her tongue around her mouth, tasting Erik’s sweetness mixed with the lingering bitter after taste of her last cigarette.  She knew it was another trap, but climbing naked into a shower with Erik was a trap that seemed to have plenty of benefits.
For fortification Heather left the bed in stocking feet and checked the wine.  A nice red and a familiar touch.  She found a glass, and pulled the already loose cork.  One pour, one swallow, and it was good enough to pour half a glass to enjoy.  The shower started, but Heather took her time.  She was a creature of habits.  Carrying the wine glass with her, she selected a clear space on the counter on the end nearest the door.  She moved her coat and boots to the floor beside that, and then took another swallow of wine before pushing off her trousers.  Neatly folded and placed on the counter, and then she set down her glass and pulled her sweater over her head.  Her shirt clung to the inside, static pulling her hair into a mess, and Heather parted with both tops.  She folded them neatly as well, now listening to Erik singing to himself in a deep humming bass.
She had to sit on the bed to take off her socks, and then it was just panties and a bra.  Heather finished the glass of wine, and then made sure the bottle and glass were as she found them.  She looked at her tidy piles of clothes and then stripped.  Naked, feeling the cold draft from the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the canal, Heather grinned and stalked to the man in the shower.  She only paused to grab the terry cloth robe hanging in the coat alcove so she’d have something to wear after enjoying his naked body.
The hot water splashed over his broad shoulders, washing away aches and pains that had built up since the hard hop into London.  He was traveling light with just his seventy litre hiking pack and his shoulder bag with his laptop and notebooks.  The gear wasn’t light though, and all that weight pulled on his frame and roughed his skin where shoulder straps rocked and cut into shoulders and his chest.  Erik focused on his goals, singing and humming to a made up opera to mask his thoughts.  London was just a pleasure stop, a goodbye to all the reasons why he loved the dirty city, and then onward to Germany.  And then…
Erik had a small squeeze bottle of body wash in his hand when he heard Heather steal into the bathroom.  Hear wasn’t quite the right word – he sensed the shower curtain moving from a disturbance of air in the bathroom followed by a cool draft that stirred the hairs on his arms.  The bright vanity lights backlit an unmistakable silhouette approach and wait.  When she was close enough he could feel the disruption of her presence, the way she always seemed out of place, and the folding of space that was part of how she hid in plain sight.  Erik smiled and set the body wash on the soap dish.  Then he eased back the dull white curtain and held out a wet hand to welcome Heather to join him.
Her strong grip on Erik’s wrist was reassuring.  The door was mostly closed, but Heather felt very exposed.  She let him help her into the shower, stepping high over the edge of the bathtub and testing her footing before climbing into his waiting arms.  The distraction of making sure she didn’t slip allowed Heather to focus on her feet and keep her eyes directed downward.  Only Erik’s supple strength supporting the way she tugged on his arm and then his bare feet were unavoidable.  She closed her eyes when his fingers lifted up her chin, and Heather felt his fit body around hers while seeing nothing.  His kisses were gentle but hungry, and still she held back.  His cock was heavy against her inner thigh, but still she kept her eyes shut.  His strong hands cradled her head to his chest, keeping her from the shower spray as it rebounded from Erik’s powerful shoulders, and holding her close until she was ready.
He understood her reluctance.  Or perhaps he just sympathized with it.  This moment wouldn’t be repeated.  Just one night with his lioness, one glorious dawn and breakfast, and then he had to be gone.  Before they found him again.  His hands ran through her hair, exploring the short length and kneading and tugging at the roots, and he was surprised to feel her humming while he stroked and cradled her head.  She found his chest with her mouth, biting it, and Erik felt his back arch involuntarily when Heather’s teeth found an old injury and tugged on the scar tissue that substituted for the tip and side of his nipple.  She bit harder, not letting go, and old habits kicked in.
His nails sunk into Heather’s scalp, and he growled deep in his throat.  She responded by pulling on the flesh, pinching it with her front teeth and tearing a bit free.  There was pink blood in the water running down Erik’s chest and legs and swirling to the drain.  She bit again, trying to pull flesh from muscle, and Erik began to laugh while still growling.  He leaned in close, feeling her body fit into his, and murmured to her.  “I would love to leave scars on you… for you to remember me by.”
His dark intent was clear as was his restraint, but Heather could no longer ignore the welts Erik’s claws were opening under the cover of her hair.  She let go, unconsciously licking the blood from her lips, and then relaxed while embracing him.  Her arms wrapped around his torso and Heather’s hands found his firm buttocks.  She knew he was bleeding, and took some measure of satisfaction that she drew first blood.  Heating up in the steamy shower, Heather conveyed her self-pleasure by swaying back and forth so she could trap and rub Erik’s cock between her thighs and against her pelvis.
Erik let the heat, pain, and pleasure fill him.  He was so hungry and empty.  But the most Heather could coax out of him was a thickening of his cock at half mast.  He hoped for more, and was crushed to realize she wasn’t enough.  Her damn near psychotic philosophy on life, her perfect match for his sociopath tendencies, and still she wasn’t crazy enough to draw out the beast within him.  He whispered to himself, “Africa… fucking anything can happen, bru.”
She picked up where he left off.  “It’s chaos eksê… and so very lovely.”  She looked up at him, her soft breasts pushing into his hard chest.  “You’re so lovely.”  He wasn’t much taller than her, and as Heather straightened out she nudged his mouth with her nose.
Her very pale skin contrasted with Erik’s tan and the dark hair on his chest and legs.  Both had well defined builds, but Erik had the bulky muscle mass typical of a man who worked out and was driven by paranoia to stay fit.  His concession, a slight belly, still suited his physique and just softened the overt power of his chest and shoulders.  Heather reached up and toyed with the white whiskers in his goatee.  He was hard against her softness.  She hadn’t expected or remembered these detail.  The rest of him, all of him including his cock steadily pulsing against her pelvis, felt natural and surprisingly familiar.
“You know,” he said with a chuckle, “the hot water never runs out here.”  Erik tested running a hand over the smooth skin of Heather’s arm.  When she didn’t stop him, he ran his fingers up to her collarbone and watched her flinch as he neared her throat.  His hand slipped down to her breasts, brushing hot water in semi circles around her areola and then using his fingertips to tease her nipples.  “And you came to play with me.”
She leaned into his hand, taking a half step forward, and gripped Erik by his hips.  “You,” she squeezed gently, “came to play with me.”  Her eyes smiled and dipped toward his chest before looking up at him again.  “So play.  With me.”

Hope you enjoyed Winter’s Lioness, Part 2.

Winter’s Lioness is just part 1 of a four part series called “The Lioness.” You can buy the full series now!

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This was the Day 6 story for the 2012 Erotic Holiday Countdown.

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