Erotic Holiday Countdown – Day 22

Title: When She Least Expected It Parts 9 & 10: Forward & After the Wake Up Call

Author: Dane Hargreaves – Visit him at Twitter
This story is © by Dane Hargreaves and used with permission.

Note:  This story includes BDSM elements. It was be posted in 10 parts over 8 days.
If you haven’t read part 8, you can do so here.

Candice woke up 8 hours later to the sounds of the shower going again. Despite it being late morning, the room was pitch black. Every muscle and a lot of the skin on her body hurt. Last night was something she was going to be reminded of every single minute of this day. Candice swung her feet onto the floor and strained to get up to a standing position. As she walked gingerly across the floor to the bathroom, there was a lovely tingling in the bottoms of her feet and in her big toes. Candice had to smile to herself, “Who woulda thought? Feet and toes!” She almost laughed out loud.
She crept into the bathroom to spy on her new lover. He was leaning forward against the wall, letting the water wash over his back. He was beautiful – Candice could see the muscles strain against the skin on his back. Candice leaned against the door jam and just watched. He must have sensed her presence because he turned around and looked through the glass, into her eyes and down into her pussy. It spasmed. Candice caught her breath with her only thought being, “What the fuck!?”

She watched him as he finished his shower and then dried off. His walked over to Candice and gave her a light kiss, “And how are you feeling this morning Ms. Lowell?”
Candice smile back, “Very well, Mr. Foster, and you?”
“Never better. Hungry. For food.” Candice laughed at his clarification. She was quite famished herself, so she quickly got ready for the day and they headed down to the restaurant. They were quite a sight, and it caused quite the commotion amongst the people that saw them. She couldn’t help but grin when she thought about the rumour mill at the office the next day. But Candice didn’t give a shit about that. Not at all. Fuck ‘em.
They shared a great breakfast; standard southern American stuff. Pancakes, sausages, toast, the works. They were very, very hungry. Candice was sure that guests noticed that little tidbit as well. She grinned.
Damon and Candice were in their own little world. They talked and talked. Where they were born. Their childhoods, their hopes, dreams and fantasies. It was like they were trying to make up for the fact that they hadn’t seen each other since they were very young. There was quiet, deep discussion and light-hearted laughter. Their breakfast stretched into three hours.
Damon glanced at this watch and with sadness evident in every movement, said “I know you have to stay another night, but I have an appointment that I am already going to be late for. I have to go.”
Candice’s heart skipped a beat. There was a pregnant pause, until she asked, “You’ll contact me?”
Damon smiled at her at said, “When you least expect it.” Candice thought that was both an odd and a very erotic answer. It started her juices flowing again. She had a feeling that this twitch in her pussy was going to become an all too familiar feeling. But all Damon had to do was to look at her to cause that.
They got up from the table, and she walked him out to his car. He asked her how she got there, and she pointed out her big old Town Car. She said with a twinkle in her eye, “I like big. It rides smoother and much more comfortably.” Damon smiled, gave her a quick hug and a tender kiss. He pulled away, looked into her eyes for a second then got in his car. He pulled back waved and was gone.
Candice stood there watching as his car disappeared. She took a great gulp of air to calm her nerves, and returned to the hotel.

After the Wake Up Call
Candice awoke in the bath tub. The water had turned cold. She opened the plug to let out the water, then stepped out and dried off with the huge plush towel folded next to the tub. Getting back into her pyjama’s she returned to bed, and quickly fell into a deep sleep.
It was only about an hour before her meeting was to start when she woke up. Candice was a master of the quick “get ready” and was out the door, fully packed and ready for the day in 45 minutes. She made it to the Budget meetings with her staff. It was obvious everyone knew about her liaison because despite their best efforts to hide it, the difference was notable. She didn’t give a rat shit. She got them focused on the worst meeting of the year, and although it took all afternoon, they got through the budget.
At about 4:00, Candice checked out of the hotel. Throwing her bag into the trunk of her town car, she opened the door and sat down. She put the key in the ignition and was about to turn the car on when she noticed a large banana on the passenger seat. She did not remember leaving it there. She reached over and lifted it from the fabric, and was surprised that there was a note under it. She opened the little envelop and read it, then started giggling. The note read, “Nature’s dildo. Practice makes perfect. I will pick you up at 8:00 Friday night at your place. Be ready for dinner and your just desserts. Love, Damon.” He did not ask her out, he told her. Candice’s pussy started quivering….

Hope you enjoyed When She Least Expected It Parts 9 & 10: Forward & After the Wake Up Call.

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