Erotic Holiday Countdown – Day 21

Title: When She Least Expected It Part 8: The Next Act

Author: Dane Hargreaves – Visit him at Twitter
This story is © by Dane Hargreaves and used with permission.

Note:  This story includes BDSM elements. It will be posted in 10 parts over 8 days.
If you haven’t ready part 7, you can do so here.

The Next Act
He held her for a long time, stroking her hair, not saying a word. About 10 minutes later, Candice started to emerge from her underworld, becoming cognizant of her surroundings again. She shifted in his lap a bit, realizing for the first time that her ass was still on fire and that a more comfortable position was possible. She also allowed herself a little smile because (a) she had just had the most incredible orgasm in her life, and (b) she was leaking pussy juice all over his expensive suit. She giggled.
Damon lifted her head to look into her eyes. “What’s so funny?”

Candice replied, “Please don’t send the company the dry cleaning bill for your pants, I’ll cover that myself.”
Damon grinned widely, and started stroking her hair. They continued to just hold each other for a while, before Candice finally asked, “Now what?”
“You’re not going to believe this, but it is midnight.”
Candice did a quick calculation and realized that they had been out there at least 2 hours. Where the hell did the time go? She giggled again. “Time flies when you are having fun. I don’t think I ever fully appreciated the truth to that proverb.” But she did not want the evening to end just yet. She wasn’t fucking Cinderella, and another thought hit her like a thunderbolt. “Well, kind Sir, I just came to the realization that you haven’t cum yet. I believe I still have a deal to honour.”
Damon smiled, and said, “Yes, you minxy slut, you do.” Candice grinned – the title seemed fitting now. He demanded, “On your back please.” Candice did as she was told, gingerly getting off of his lap and laying on the ground. Her ass screamed at the soft ferns below her.
He got up from the stump and stood over her, looking down at her prone, naked body with a lascivious grin on his face. Candice moved her hands to cover her still soaked pussy. Damon didn’t say a word; he just shook his head. Candice put her hands back by her side. She studied his face to try and figure out what was going through his mind. She thought, “What the hell is he pondering now?” She didn’t have to wait long to find out. His face turned from lusty to serious and threatening in a heartbeat. “Here is the deal, my new slut. I am going to straddle your face and you are going to suck my cock. Use your hands to guide it. Do your best. The deeper you can take it, the more lubricant you are going to cover it with. Then when I want, I am going to pull out my cock out of your mouth and fuck you up the ass with it. The more saliva you get on my cock, the easier it will slide into your ass. I assume that you are the kind of slut who loves to be fucked up the ass?”
Candice sucked in air; the game was now back on, and it was on big time. Actually, in fact, she didn’t know the answer to his question since she was an anal virgin. This was new found territory, and it both scared and excited her. Candice answered, “Oh yes Sir, I love to get fucked up the ass. Hard.” She tried to hide her terror, but she didn’t think anything escaped his attention.
He slowly undressed, then got on his knees over her face. She reached up and grabbed his cock, pulling it down into her mouth. She started moving her head up and down in a slow rhythm, in and out. She had no idea if she gave good oral sex or not, but she was giving it her best effort. She used her hand as an extension of her mouth, sliding it along the shaft in time with the movements of her head and mouth. Unfortunately, whenever she went too deep she would again start gagging. She was very, very frustrated by that. She truly wished she could take him all in, balls deep, but god seemed to have given her an unnaturally strong gag reflex. Candice wondered absentmindedly if she could learn this skill. She had no idea.
Suddenly, Damon pulled his cock out of her mouth – much to Candice’s disappointment since she was trying so hard to learn – and shifted down to a kneeling position between her legs. He grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs, placing her feet on his shoulders. He then leaned in slightly towards her, pushing her legs higher in the air. In this position, her legs were held fairly close together, with her pussy and ass off the ground. He reached down and grabbed his cock, gently placing the length of his shaft on her exposed, wet pussy. He lifted his rock hard cock and slapped the shaft down on her pussy. This stung a bit, getting Candice’s full attention. He looked at her with that direct, high beam glare again. He asked her, “Tell me slut. Where would you like this to penetrate you?” He had drawn out and emphasized the word ‘penetrate’, giving it a special meaning.
Candice wasn’t sure what this game was about, but went along with it. “Sir, please stick it up my ass. Please!” He smiled at her, then looked down and stroked his cock. “It’s gotten a little dry – I think I need to lube it up first.” He pulled it back a bit, and touched the end of his cock to the entrance of her pussy, rubbing it up and down to tease her. He rubbed her now exposed clit with the end of it. Candice moaned loudly, stunned that she was aroused again, so easily. She had to resist the almost overpowering urge to push her pussy on to his cock, managing to hold herself still. She remembered what had happened when she had chased his kiss. She wasn’t sure her breasts could take another biting session.
He pushed his cock about an inch into her pussy; just enough to make her moan a bit, and just enough to torture her. It took every effort she had to not put her hands on the ground and push herself onto his cock. Turns out he was just placing his cock there for comfort. He had other plans in mind. Candice noticed the glint in his eye, and the slightly evil grin cross his face. But it was hard to focus with that cock teasing her pussy so badly.
He grabbed her left foot in his right hand and brought it to his mouth. He pressed her instep to his lips. She could feel his hot breathe on the soles of her foot, and it was fucking erotic as hell. Her pussy twitched. He slowly let his tongue slip out of his mouth and touch her bare heel. He brought over his other hand, so that her foot was locked in a two-handed, vice-like grip. He slowly, ever so slowly, drew a line on her sole from the heel to her big toe. Candice squirmed under these new feelings. It seemed to be directly connected through live wires to all parts of her body. Maybe there is something to this reflexology stuff.
He then started to nibble on the outside edge of her foot, starting at the heel and working upwards towards her little toe. His nibbling was quickly turning into full on biting, and it was quickly turning from something merely erotic into something painful and erotic. He turned the corner at the top of her foot and started pushing the ball of her foot into his mouth, biting down. Candice squirmed and those feelings from a few hours ago quickly, and surprisingly, returned. This was a completely different kind of pain, intense and focused, but sending out sparks to other strange places on her body. Her breathing changed and she started crying out a bit with each bite. She glanced up at Damon, and he was totally lost in her foot. Even though they had been together only a few short hours, she had not seen him like this before; in fact, it was something she did not think she would ever see in him. This simple fact was a great turn on for her. It was obvious how much he loved what he was doing, and she felt somehow empowered to let him, if she could put up with it.
He had moved to her big toe, and had taken it into his mouth. He also pushed his cock a little bit more into her pussy – a very strange kind of double penetration. He then started gently biting it, sending intense slivers of pain from her toe up into her leg. Candice opened her mouth wide, gasping at the intensity of the pain, crying out. He did not stop. He moved to another spot on her toe and slowly, ever so slowly, started biting down. Candice squeaked and squealed; this kind of pain was getting close to her limit of tolerance. In response, he drove his cock right up to the hilt in her pussy. The squeals turned into a low, guttural moan. The mixture of intense pain and incredible pleasure was a toxin she was not at all used to. Her body started to shake a bit, nearing some sort of capacity limit. Damon must have noticed, because he stopped biting into her toe, but did not release it from his mouth. He sucked gently on it, letting it slip in and out of his mouth. Candice had to close her eyes against the pain, the throbbing pain, in her toe.
Damon had left his cock buried up to the hilt in her pussy, but now he slowly pulled it out. Candice was expecting him to pound it into her again, but instead he inched it in slowly. These new feelings, these changes of pace, these mixtures of pain and pleasure were pushing her into another world – again. She closed her eyes and let herself go, giving herself up to her master. Her breathing started to return to normal as she descended into her other world.
Damon let her left foot fall on his shoulder, and pulled his cock out of her pussy. Candice moaned again at the changes, but kept her eyes closed in a position of subservience. He then grabbed her right foot and pressed her instep against his lips. Candice knew exactly what was coming, but she was incapable of movement, incapable of resisting. She had let herself go completely. As he started lightly licking the sole of her foot, he slipped his well lubricated cock down to the entrance of her ass. He also put his right thumb over her engorged clitoris. Candice squirmed with pleasure when he started lightly rubbing her clit. She could feel the beginnings of another orgasm.
As he started biting the outside edge of her foot, he started pushing his cock into her ass. Candice moaned loudly at the double sources of pain, and possibly pleasure? Damon rocked his cock back and forth, slowing opening her anal sphincter for him. After all, she was an anal virgin. Her pussy was reacting to what was happening, dripping her natural juices down and into her ass.
Candice propped her hips up on her hands slightly, lifting her hips to improve the penetration angle. Damon leaned forward slightly, and started pushing his cock into her ass a little bit harder. Damon now had about half his cock in her ass. The pain was intense, focused. Candice opened her mouth, letting out a loud sigh before filling her lungs with fresh air. The pain was also exquisite; Candice wasn’t getting used to it, but she seemed to need it. Right here, right now. Something in her DNA was changing.
He started biting the ball of her foot. Candice cried out in pain and….lust? She screamed out, “Fuck Yes!”
Shocked, he pulled her foot away from his mouth to stare at her. “You fucking slut! You love this!”
Candice didn’t even open her eyes, just screamed again “Yes! Fucking bite me! Fuck my ass!” Damon’s eyes slammed wide open, and he paused for a second. He took her big toe in his mouth, and gently held it between his teeth. He slowly increased the intensity of the bite, drawing excited, low pitched squeals from Candice. Then, with no warning to her whatsoever, he rammed his cock into her ass, right up to the hilt. At the same time, he bit down on her toe. Candice screamed out, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” Like some valley girl. But she couldn’t help it; she was completely and totally overpowered. Tears were welling in the corners of her eyes, and she shut them tightly to help control their release.
Damon started fucking her ass slowly. He moved his teeth to another spot on her big toe and stated biting down again. Then he quickly shoved her small foot halfway into his mouth, clamping down with his teeth. Candice squealed some more. He held his thumb stead on her clit, letting the movement of their fucking move her clit across it. Candice felt her orgasm building.
When Damon started really pounding her ass, the pain and pleasure was exquisite. Within seconds, it proved to be too much for Candice, and she came violently, spastically, thrashing on the ground beneath him. It was so intense that she started screaming out loud with every mighty contraction of her body. Candice gasped continuously; she just couldn’t get enough air into her lungs. Finally, when the orgasm started to subside, Candice started to cry. She had no idea why, but she couldn’t control it. Tears just came pouring out of her.
Damon quickly pulled himself out of her ass, and lay down beside her, rolling her into him. She cried quietly on his chest for about five minutes. Sobbed. Candice had no idea why. It just came out of her and she couldn’t stop it. Damon just held her, stroked her hair, let her get it out. Candice realized he had been here and done this before, but she didn’t care. She just had to release her emotions.
Finally, Candice was able to get herself under control. She looked up at Damon, and asked, “What was that all about?”
He smiled at her and said, “That reaction is not unusual. The human body can take only so much mental and physical stimulation. The endorphins run amok. One way to release it is by crying.”
Candice just smiled up at him. She felt utterly and totally spent, a complete rag doll. She smiled at him and asked, “I am not capable of moving. What are we going to do?”
“Wait until we are capable of moving.”
Candice just smiled and moved her head to a more comfortable position.
It took about 20 minutes for the cooler night air to bring them back to reality. He got up first, washed  himself off with a wetnap and his handkerchief, then he quickly put on his clothes and helped Candice to her feet. He helped her get dressed, holding her steady, then put his jacket on her. She put her flats on very slowly, and was surprised that although both her feet and her big toes had been bitten repeatedly, the pain was already dissipating. She could walk just fine. Then they just stood there in the shadows in a motionless hug. Finally, they broke apart and Damon held her hand to guide her through the forest back to the path.
Once at the path, he put his arm around her shoulders and they walked back towards the hotel. It was a lot longer of a walk than she remembered. When they emerged into the light at the front entrance to the hotel, she noticed the doorman just staring blankly at them. She must have had the worst post-fuck hair in history, she was carrying her shoes, and her beautiful dress was dirty and crumpled. She thought to herself “Why don’t I just carry a ‘Just got fucked up the ass’ sign on my forehead?” Normally, this scene would have sent her into a rage, but it just seemed to catch her funny bone. She started giggling immediately. When Damon saw what she was giggling at, he burst out laughing. This of course, fed her, and Candice started laughing uncontrollably.
They were still giggling as they entered the hotel and crossed the floor to the elevators. Once they reached the elevator banks, Candice looked at Damon and asked him which room he was in. He replied, with a smile, “Yours”.
Candice just grinned and said quietly and without a hint of resistance, “Okay.”
A few minutes later, Candice let them into her room. She headed to the bathroom to clean up, calling back to Damon, “Help yourself to a gin and tonic from the little table out there, or anything else from the honour bar.” She reached into the shower and turned the knob to the correct temperature setting. After stripping down, she stepped under the hot water cascading from the wide head shower on the ceiling. It was like she was in a totally weird, fucked up heaven. Everything hurt; her nipples, her breasts, her pussy, her buttocks, her anus, her feet and her toes. But she had never felt so used up, so spent, so…fulfilled and happy. It was a new experience for her. She just stood there, letting the water wash over her.
Candice was too tired to move. The soap was too far away. Lost in her thoughts and with the water pouring over her head and ears, she did not hear the door to the shower open. Damon circled her from behind, slipping his arms around her waist and pulling her close. Candice just leaned back, resting her head on his naked chest. They just stood there in silence for a while, enjoying the hot water falling on them. Candice’s mind was completely blank, completely at ease.
However, being Candice, it didn’t stay that way for very long. Through the mists in her head, she realized a terrible truth. Candice turned to look at him, and said, “I just realized that you haven’t come tonight! I still haven’t completed my end of the bargain, Sir.”
Damon smiled at her, “I know that, but I had to let some time pass so my slut can recover. It sounds like she has.” Candice smiled at him. Damon smiled back, then said, “OK Slut, wash my penis.” Candice turned around and grabbed the lovely soap that the hotel had supplied. Taking the soap between her hands, she rubbed it repeatedly, working up a foamy lather. She stared at Damon the entire time, not even looking at the soap, with what she hoped was her best, most erotic “I’m gonna do you” look.
Candice dropped the soap in the corner then knelt down in front of Damon. She took his penis in her hands and gently rubbed in the soap lather. She smiled as she felt an instant reaction, but still didn’t remove her eyes from his. When she had really worked in the soap, much to his pleasure, she backed up a bit so the shower could clean off the soap. Her face was inches from his erect cock while it was being washed off by the water. She tore her eyes from his, and focused on his cock. She frowned slightly at the fact that she couldn’t just jam it down her throat. She thought, “Damn! I wish I could do that for him right now!”
Candice took him in her mouth for the third time tonight. This time she was determined to finish it. She started sucking his cock, taking it as deep as she could, then pulling it almost all the way out. She teased the head of his cock with her tongue and kissed the shaft from base to tip. She tried to remember everything she ever read or saw about blow jobs. Finally, Damon reached down and grabbed her head, which Candice knew was likely a precursor to his orgasm. Candice closed her eyes and tried not to panic; she really, really wanted to at least swallow even if she couldn’t deep throat. And that was the deal she had agreed to!
It didn’t take long. Candice felt his grip tighten on her hair, and tried to prepare herself. He grunted and shot a huge geyser of come into her mouth. Candy could feel herself convulse at the thick liquid pooling in her mouth, but did not give in to it. She clamped her lips wrapped around his cock, not allowing any spillage. Through shear will power Candice managed to choke back her convulsions and swallow it down. She squeezed his cock with her hand and she rubbed him up and down with a steady rhythm. A second, third and fourth stream of come shot into her mouth. Candice came close to losing it once, resulting in a burst of air, saliva and a little cum out the corner of her mouth, but swallowed almost all of it. Candice kept him in her mouth even after he had finished coming. When she pulled him out, there was a little spittle of come hanging from the end of his cock. She looked up at him, and he just stared into her eyes, and nodded. Candice looked back at the long drip, and oddly, with some hesitation given what she just did, lapped it up with her tongue and swallowed it. There was only a slight convulsion on that one.
Damon reached down and pulled Candice to her feet. He looked into her eyes, and said “That will do for now my slut. I’m just going to have to train you better.”
Candice smiled and said, “That is a positive, my dear Sir”. They held each other a while, then left the shower and dried off. Walking into the bedroom, they collapsed on top of the covers. She rolled into him. They barely had time to say “Good Night” before they passed out. 

Hope you enjoyed When She Least Expected It Part 8: The Next Act.

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This was the Day 21 story for the 2012 Erotic Holiday Countdown.

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