Erotic Holiday Countdown – Day 20

Title: When She Least Expected It Part 7: The Room

Author: Dane Hargreaves – Visit him at Twitter
This story © by Dane Hargreaves and used with permission.

Note:  This story includes BDSM elements. It will be posted in 10 parts over 8 days.

If you haven’t read part 6, you can do so here.

The Room
Damon stood up and helped her to her feet. They collected her shoes, and he put his tie in his pocket and his suit jacket back on. Taking her by the hand, he started picking his way through the foliage back towards the path. Candice had never felt this utterly empty, utterly alone in the universe. She started wracking her brain to figure out how to rescue this situation, to get back to what she was feeling before. As they gingerly picked their way through the forest, her eyes fell on this stump, cut clean in two places by a chain saw. She just stared at it, knowing in the back of her mind that it was an opportunity, but it just wouldn’t materialize in her mind. She stopped walking, determined to figure out what it was. Damon looked at her then looked where she was staring. A smile instantly started creeping across his face. Candice glanced at him and her heart leapt. She didn’t know what he was thinking, but she knew it was good. Maybe the night wasn’t over.

“Now Candice, what do you see over there?”
Candice focused on the stump, but was again lost. She couldn’t place it. She was quite frustrated. She said, “What do you see?”
Damon stated quite simply, “A chair.”
She thought to herself, “okay, but what is it about that that grabbed my attention?” She just shook her head in frustration and turned and started picking her way forward again.
Damon said something that surprised him, because he never, ever gave a second chance. “The reason it grabs your attention is its shape and what is around it.” Candice stopped and glanced back. The trunk had been cut in two places; one higher than the other, so it looked a bit like a chair. She glanced around it and saw that the ground around it was covered in soft grasses and ferns. Perfectly level. But it was sort of sitting in an alcove in the forest, with branches surrounding it on three and a half sides. Like a little room.
It hit her. A little room with a chair and a soft floor. She was glad it was dark because she turned 50 shades of pink thinking of Christian Grey’s red room of pain. Her subconscious had recognized nature’s perfect spanking room. She knew damn well that Damon had recognized it immediately, but wasn’t going to offer. He was waiting for her to say something.
Candice gulped slightly then knew she had to try or everything was over then and there. She thought of a way to couch the subject in a bit of humour, “I have had three strikes against me tonight. Perhaps I could entice you to stay with an offer of a few more, somewhat different, strikes?” Candice actually found herself grinning an evil seductress grin. “I need to be severely punished for my failures so far.”
Damon grinned as well, but was obviously deep in thought. Finally, he said, “Candice, you are asking me to break my own rules. If I do this, things will be stepped up a notch. Do you think you can handle that?” Candice’s heart leapt; the night wasn’t quite over yet! But she was now, for the first time tonight, a little worried about where this could go. She had to calm herself down and get some clarification before agreeing.
“Mr. Foster, whatever do you mean, ‘step it up a notch’?”
“Well Ms. Lowell, it doesn’t mean an increase in pain if that’s what you are worried about. The level of pain I go to is always determined by my submissive. What it means is that I will layer on a bit more in the area of humiliation. Like being called a Slut. You did not like that at all. It could be worse, depending on how events unfold. Normally, humiliation is not something that I get to with a submissive until we have been together for a few months. But normally I don’t give second chances either.”
Candice pondered that for a second. This was going to be a surprisingly difficult thing for her to accept, but her pussy was already telling her what to do in no uncertain terms. She had to listen to the purring down below. “OK, I think I can do that.”
Damon smiled, “I hope you do. I can tell you there will not be a third chance.” Candice smiled her prettiest smile back at him.
Damon stood there for a second, thinking deeply. Candice was in a bit of a panic since she realized that he still wasn’t 100 percent sold on the idea. Finally he spoke, quietly, with a sinister tone to his voice, “OK. Now answer me, you horny fucking slut, how badly do you want to make up for the worst fucking blowjob I have ever had in my life?”
Candice cringed inside, but let herself go, “Please, sir, I’ll do anything, anything at all to make up for it!” She said it with such emotion and conviction that it seemed to catch both of them off guard. She could see his eyes widen slightly.
In a new, slightly different, deeper and sterner voice she had not yet heard, he commanded, “You will go over to the front of that stump, take off every stitch of clothing on you, and stand beside it with your eyes down. Go now.”
Candice moved instantly, picking her way through the forest carpet to their little room. He did not follow. Once she reached the stump, she stripped off all her clothing, and stood there with her eyes bowed. She held her still stinging breasts in her hands for comfort.
Candice jumped slightly when his voice came out of the trees to her left. She had not heard him move. It just added to the mystery of this man. He commanded her to drop her hands to her sides. Candice did so, exposing her breasts once again to the night air. He walked over to her and standing in front, he put his right hand under her chin and lifted her head. He stared down into her eyes. Holding her gaze, he brought his left hand up to her pussy, palm out. Like earlier in the evening, he pushed the palm of his hand firmly into her pubic hair and let his fingers slide underneath to the wetness there. Using his fingers to separate the delicate folds he barely penetrated her with his middle finger. He smiled at the instant reaction from her, the moaning and the now very, very wet pussy. Holding his left hand firmly in place on her pussy, he stepped to his right and slightly around her, giving him access to her ass with his right hand.
Keeping his left hand firmly in place on her pussy, and his middle finger frustrating quiet at the point of “just penetrating”, he stroked her naked back with his fingertips, eliciting shivers from Candice. He traced his fingers down to the top of the crack of her ass, drawing little circles in the delicate skin. More shivers, and some moans. He then spread his hand wide and gently massaged her right buttock. Moving to her left buttock, he repeated the gentle massage. He alternated between her two buttocks, slowly rubbing harder. His left hand was pressed harder on her pussy the front, driving her ass into his hand. The sensations were overpowering to Candice. She was actually feeling an orgasm start to build from deep inside her when he brought his hand back and slapped her right buttock hard. No warning whatsoever! Candice yelped out of surprise and at the sudden stinging in her ass. The two sounds combining to create a pretty loud echo in the forest. The slap had stung her ass cheek badly, but the reaction of her body to the slap and the accompanying finger fuck occurred from head to toe. Like electrical shock. It seemed to drive her mind and her subconscious violently into her new status in this relationship. She started to accept where the path ahead lay.
Damon released her but did not move. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “That was a little too loud. I have to lower your volume a bit.” With that He produced a short, but thick stick from his jacket pocket. Candice quickly realized what he had been up to in the forest to her left. He told her to open her mouth, after which he had her bite down on the wood. “OK you filthy slut, you will not under any circumstances let that stick fall from your mouth. Are we clear?” Candice nodded. He repeated, “Do you understand?” and again Candice nodded.
“Do you want to pass this test so you can swallow my cum, like a good slut should?” Candice nodded vigorously. He reached up and pulled the stick from her mouth, then said, “Then ask properly.”
Candice looked into his eyes, thinking about exactly what she should say to please him. It took her a few seconds. Finally, she said, “Sir, I have disappointed you so much. I need to be punished severely for what I have done. Please spank me, flog me or do whatever you need to do to teach me my lesson. Then please let me suck your cock again, please let me swallow every single drop of your cum.” She was watching his reaction, and he definitely looked pleased. He put the stick back in her mouth.
He let her go, and then moved quietly over to the stump. Candice once again noted how silently he slid through the forest carpet. She was in bare feet and wouldn’t be that quiet! It was actually fucking creepy. Damon removed his jacket, but sat down on the stump fully clothed. He motioned for her join Him. Candice walked over to stand directly in front of him, keeping her eyes earthbound. He said, “Now slut, present your tight ass for me right now, over my lap.” Candice walked over to his right side, and lay down across his lap, hands and feet on the ground, ass positioned as requested.
He started slowly, with a few gentle slaps on her left buttock, followed by the same treatment on her right. He moved the target from the middle of her cheeks to the upper portion, increasing the intensity markedly. Candice bit down on the wood as the slaps continued to increase in frequency and intensity.
He moved the target back to the centre of her buttocks.
The pain was incredible. Candice was breathing shallow, air bursting out of her lungs with every slap. Slowly the ladylike little sounds morphed into low, guttural moans. Her ass was absolutely burning, each slap feeling like she was getting hit by a flat piece of hot steel. She closed her eyes tightly, fighting against the tears forming in the corners. All of the sudden, the spanking stopped. She opened her eyes, but remained motionless.
She heard him rummaging around beside the stump near her feet. He had picked up something from the foliage and fumbled with it for a few seconds. Candice didn’t have but a few seconds before she found out what it was. She gasped out loud as a swatch of branches hit her ass. It was a new sensation; very different from being spanked with his hand. The sting went across her buttocks in finite points and lines. Candice surprised herself – she knew she was getting really into this spanking thing, and these branches were like a cat ‘o nine tails. Erotic as hell. She knew her body was reacting in ways it had never known.
Candice could hear the slight whistle in the air as the branches were swung back and down again. The sting on her buttocks forced little screams from her lungs, but also sex into her mind and into her pussy. She was loath to admit how turned on she was getting. Candice realized if Damon kept this up she might have an orgasm. Suddenly the flogging stopped, and a frustrated Candice felt her breathing slow down.
Candice felt his hand slide between her legs and was not at all surprised when he was able to easily slip two fingers into her pussy. She realized how turned on she was by the spanking and the flogging. She thought, “Jesus, please Sir, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me now” but was smart enough to not say or do anything. Then she felt something new and intoxicating. He must have lubricated his thumb a bit, because as soon as he started finger fucking her pussy, she felt his thumb lightly penetrating her butt. Rubbing it, teasing it. At this point Candice seemed to lose complete control of her mental faculties, letting her emotions and feelings take her forward. She was gone. Her ass was on fire, her pussy was being finger fucked and her anus was being teased. Candice had never experienced a height of pleasure like this, and could feel an orgasm building again.
He knew it. He stopped. Candice moaned a soft sound of disappointment. However, it wasn’t over; He was merely teasing her for the main act. She heard him drop the branches. Candice was slightly disappointed, but he was pretty good with his hands. He shifted his target lower, to a spot just above where her legs and her ass meet.
This spot was definitely different! Each slap sent a pulse of energy at her clit. It was new, it was excruciatingly painful, and it was erotic beyond anything she had ever felt. The orgasm came almost without warning. Almost equal to the pain in her buttocks, it seemed to come from deep within her body, spreading outward. Massive convulsions wrecked her body, causing her to violently shake on his lap. She squeezed her eyes even tighter, and bit down on the wood so hard that pieces of it came loose in her mouth. He knew just when and where to hit her during her orgasm to make it continue, and continue, and continue. It seemed to go on forever, the result of the spanking and of years of near sexual abstinence.
When it finally subsided, Candice collapsed like a rag doll. He pulled her up into a sitting position on his lap, tucking her tear-stained face into his neck. She was lost. Her mind was in some subzone of reality and she was in no hurry to get out.

Hope you enjoyed When She Least Expected It Part 7: The Room.

This was the Day 20 story for the 2012 Erotic Holiday Countdown.

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