Erotic Holiday Countdown – Day 19

Title: When She Least Expected It Part 6: The Start

Author: Dane Hargreaves – Visit him at Twitter
This story is © by Dane Hargreaves and used with permission.

Note:  This story includes BDSM elements. It will be posted in 10 parts over 8 days.

If you haven’t ready part 5, you can do that here.

The Start
Damon gently pushed Candice backwards into a tree. Reaching down, he clasped her wrists and pulled them above her head, where he held them together in his left hand. He increased the pressure on her wrists, pushing them backwards and into the bark of the tree. Candice realized he was immensely strong, and that she was completely vulnerable, completely at his command. She could hardly breathe.
Damon leaned down and kissed her lips, gently at first, then harder. His free hand moved to her left breast, caressing it through her dress. He forced her mouth open, then slowly invaded it with his tongue. Candice moaned openly. It had been so long since she had this feeling and was quickly surrendering to it. He kissed her deeply, taking her mouth as he wanted. Candice responded, pushing back against him and twirling her own tongue in their private dance. Candice was also aware that her pussy was pulsing uncontrollably and that her panties were probably a mess.

Damon abruptly ended the kiss, moving his face back a few inches. Candice could make out the contours of his face in the moonlight, and his eyes seemed ever hypnotic, almost glowing in the dark. He pulled his hand off of her breast and moved it to her shoulder. He deftly pulled the straps of her dress and bra off her shoulder, and roughly pulled the cup off her breast, nearly tearing it to pieces, and started caressing it gently. He started kissing her again – it was almost manic now; passionate, animalistic, all consuming. Candice hardly noticed when his stroking of her breast started to get harder. He cupped her breast, then firmly squeezed it, slowly digging in his fingers. He tightened his fingers on her breast while pulling it towards him, raking his nails across it until they were clamped around her nipple. Candice definitely felt the barbs from this, moaning slightly into his mouth.
Damon stopped the kiss again, but she didn’t let it end that quickly. As he pulled his head away, she defiantly chased him. When they were separated finally, he looked at her with a quizzical look, “Don’t ever, ever try to influence what we are doing. I dictate, you follow. Are we clear?”
Candice found this really, really fucking sexually intense, so she gingerly nodded and said, “Yes Sir”.
He released her hands from above her head, then commanded, “Drop your hands, put them behind your back and turn around.” She quickly complied. Candice heard him take his tie off then felt him bind her wrists together tightly. This only served to quicken her pulse. She knew her pussy was wet, and knew she was totally ready to be fucked. But she also knew that might not be on the agenda. Damon told her to turn around. Candice slowly complied; being in an evening gown, in a dark forest, in her thin slippers, with her wrists bound and with quite a few glasses of wine in her, she wasn’t sure of her balance. But she made it without falling.
Damon smiled at her. It wasn’t a particularly attractive smile; more like that of a shark. Toothy, wide, somehow different. “You my dear, need to be taught a lesson in submission.”
Candice did not hesitate a second, “Yes Sir”.
He waited a few quiet seconds before moving. “Close your eyes.” Once they were closed she heard him walk away. Panic started to set in; was he going to leave her out here? Minutes passed. What if a carnivore or pack of carnivores came wandering by? Her panic was coming to the surface when she finally heard him. At least she thought she heard him. She just barely opened her eyes enough to confirm it was Damon. Her heart slowed down, but just a little bit. When he reached her, he asked “Did you open your eyes?”
Candice somehow knew this man would see through it if she lied. “Yes Sir, I did. But just to confirm it was you coming out of the forest.” She thought that this very reasonable explanation would be okay. She was wrong.
Damon replied, “Were my instructions unclear? Did I say you could open your eyes if there was a noise nearby?”
 Candice’s only thought was, “Fuck!” She herself had been known to ask these same questions of her staff, albeit in a much more diplomatic manner.
“That’s a second mistake in such a brief period of time.” There was a pause; the only thing she could hear was their own breathing. He stepped close to her and leaned into her neck. His breath was warm and moist on her skin, sending shivers right through her pussy and all the way down to her toes. He whispered, just loud enough for her to hear, “You must now make a choice Candice. You can stay here, recommit yourself to submission and to pleasing me in any……and every way….. I see fit, or we can end this right now. I’ll untie you and we’ll say our goodbyes right now. We’ll never meet again.”
Her surprise at the brutality of the ultimatum caught her completely offside, and her reaction was instantaneous; she quivered, her knees buckled slightly, and she involuntarily let out a small gasp. This had hit her like a ton of bricks. This night could be over, right fucking now, if she didn’t shape up. Her pussy, and every fibre of her being screamed in panic. She replied, in clipped words, “No Sir, I don’t want it to end here.”
Again, he made her wait for an answer, letting her panic build again. Candice knew she was putty in his hands. This man was a mind-controlling master tactician but she didn’t care in the least. Finally he leaned into her neck again, stimulating her entire body again with only the warmth of his breath. “OK Candice, we’ll keep going. Are you committed to pleasing me?”
Candice whispered, “Yes Sir”.
Another pause while he breathed in her scent. “Have you opened your eyes since your mistake?”
Candice quickly replied, “No Sir.”
Damon followed her response instantly, “You realize that you must now be punished for your behaviour?”
Candice did not hesitate, “Anything you want, Sir, I am yours to do with what you will.”
“Good. For your information, I do not use safewords. It is very black and white for me. If you say ‘Stop’, I’ll stop. But the night will be over instantly. Are we clear?”
“Yes, Sir.”
Then he slowly leaned over and gently cupped her left breast between both hands. He increased the pressure until he was holding it tightly. Then he opened his mouth wide and proceeded to suck her entire nipple and part of her breast deeply into his mouth. Inside his mouth, he used his tongue to lick her breast and areola, and showing incredible dexterity he was somehow was able to tease and flick her nipple, making it even bigger than it had been. Bigger than it had ever been. Candice moaned in pleasure. Then he started gently biting down. Candice sucked in air as the pain slowly increased in her breast. Damon increased the pressure little by little, building the pain slowly. She gritted her teeth, and her breaths got shallower and quicker. He suddenly released her breast from his teeth, causing an instantaneous wave of searing hot pain. Candice had never felt anything like it before; the release was far more painful, for a brief second, than the biting had been! She cried out as her knees slightly buckled.
Before Candice recovered, Damon cupped the same breast again, but this time just brought her nipple into his mouth. He started sucking on it gently, lapping it with his tongue, then gently tugging at it. The intense pleasure of this feeling, coming so soon after the intense shot of pain, was an incredible mix of sensations. Her body was tingling, little hairs on her skin standing at attention. But it was just starting. Damon used his teeth on the top of her nipple and his tongue on the bottom of her nipple, and started biting and tugging on it. It sent shots of pain throughout her body, causing more tremors, but she knew it would be worse if he had used teeth on both the top and the bottom. Then in a flash, he pulled off his tongue off the bottom of her nipple and started biting with his teeth. Again, and again, biting down on her nipple. The pain shot through her body again, causing Candice to cry out. She squeezed her eyes shut, fighting against the tears. But through it all, Candice was mildly aware that her other nipple was reacting volcanically and her pussy was pulsing and leaking down the inside of her legs. She squeezed her legs together. Candice had never experienced anything like this.
Damon unlatched from the nipple on her left breast, and after ripping off the bra cap from her right breast, thrust the nipple into this mouth. He again went through the teasing before proceeding to the main course, and again her body reacted in strange and wondrous ways. He went at the right nipple with wild abandon, going harder and taking more time. By the time he released her nipple from his mouth, her body was trembling and a few tears were rolling down her cheek; from the pain and from the squeezing of her eyelids against the mix of sensations her body was going through. Her breathing was a rapid staccato of shallow breaths and her body was shaking slightly. Her pussy was dripping. Candice was confused, lost, horny and not sure what world she was in. Damon stepped in close to her, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her into him. No words were said. Her breathing gradually slowed and she came back to this world. He held her a moment longer.
Damon seemed to know the exact moment to proceed. He moved his hands from her lower back around to her front, where he cupped her pussy through her dress. Candice was slightly embarrassed because she knew that she was dripping wet there. She could sense his smile. He pressed the palm of his hand harder into her pussy and slowly massaged the outside, causing another moan from Candice. He asked her to open her eyes and look at him. Candice complied, looking into the eyes of her master. He was doing his thing, looking past her eyes into her very being. Candice was lost. He again whispered to her, “I’m going to fuck the hell out of this tonight. But only if you prove worthy.”
Candice had no intelligent reply that she could think of so she just whispered, “I will Sir.”
He moved his hand from her pussy up to her lips, tracing them with his index and middle fingers. He raised his voice slightly, “I want to see these beautiful lips wrapped around my cock. I want to see my cock slowly disappear down your throat. I want to see you swallow every drop of my cum. On your knees slut.”
Candice was completely taken aback by what he called her, but quickly replied “Yes Sir” to avoid another round of punishment. Her hands were still tied behind her back, so Damon helped her down to her knees.
“Open your eyes slut, I want to see them while you are sucking my cock.” She complied without comment. This ‘slut thing’ was not sitting well with her, and it must have showed in her eyes. He smiled a sadistic grin, then said, “Is something bothering you slut?” Her eyes must have flashed anger. He grinned back at her. “You don’t like your new name?” Candice was bristling at the insult, but again held her tongue. He commanded, “Answer me slut!”
Candice gathered herself then said, “No Sir, the name is fine.”
His reply was direct, “OK Slut, open your mouth and take me in. Suck me as if your life depended on it. You know exactly what I am demanding of you.”
Candice did exactly as she was told, opening her mouth and gently bringing him in. She slowly brought him deeper and deeper, then pulled him out and swirled her tongue along and around his cock. It was difficult to do with her hands tied behind her back, but she really went at it as best she could. She looked up at him as she starting sucking on his cock again. In the back of her mind though, she knew she was in big trouble, and she sensed that he knew it too. Although she hadn’t tried in a long time, Candice knew she could not deep throat. She also knew that if she somehow miraculously developed that ability, the chances were way better than 50 percent that she would gag on his cum. She was determined to do her best, but she knew she was dead the moment he spelled out his demands. This would be her third strike tonight; was it going to end here? Candy opened her mouth wider and tried to take him deep, sucking hard. Above her, she could hear him moan in pleasure. But he was just too big, and she gagged slightly, causing a little spittle of saliva to explode out of the corner of her mouth. By reflex she almost pulled off of him, but somehow managed to stay on his cock.
He looked down and she could see his eyebrows arch slightly, in total surprise. He commented, “This may be the first time in my life I have read a woman wrong. I read you as someone who could take it balls deep. I appear to be mistaken. Let’s see.” With that he reached down and pressed her head between his large hands, slowing filling them with her hair. Her head was completely immobilized. This was Candice’s worst nightmare; she was doomed. He commanded, “Open your fucking mouth slut.” Candice did as ordered, and he rammed his cock into her mouth, slamming it into the back of her throat. Candice gagged violently. The contents of her stomach came rushing up her throat. She tried to move her head back but he was way too strong. She thrashed around side to side in a mad panic, afraid she was going to suffocate. He finally released her, allowing her to spit out what was in her mouth and catch her breath. She was heaving violently, sitting back on her heels, hands still tied behind her back. He sat on the ground next to her, placing his hand tenderly on her shoulder while he undid the tie around her wrists with his other hand. Candice shifted around so that she could hug herself and try to stop the tremors. Damon then held her close, warming her up, waiting for her to calm down.
When Candice finally settled herself, she quietly asked Damon, “It’s over, isn’t it?”
He replied, “Yes, Candice, it is.” She was devastated. She had never been hornier in her entire life, never wanted to please a man more, never wanted to be fucked as hard. It was gone. She started to cry quietly. Candice hadn’t cried since she was four.

Hope you enjoyed When She Least Expected It Part 6: The Start.

This was the Day 19 story for the 2012 Erotic Holiday Countdown.

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