Erotic Holiday Countdown – Day 15

Title: When She Least Expected It, Part 1: Wake Up Call

Author: Dane Hargreaves – Visit him at Twitter
This story is © by Dane Hargreaves and used with permission.

Note:  This story includes BDSM elements. It will be posted in 10 parts over 8 days.

Wake Up Call

Her eyes snapped open in a state of swirling, disconnected panic. It was dark, too dark to see a thing; too dark to try to recognize where she was, too dark to breathe for fear of alerting something out there. Candice sat up slowly in the bed, eyes boring into the blackness directly in front of her. Suddenly, her ass screamed in pain, and she was violently brought back to reality. Not only did all the memories of the recent past come back in a rush, but she had to quickly roll on her side to try to lessen the fire licking at her buttocks.
As comprehension returned, Candice smiled to herself. She was on the road a lot, and sometimes would wake up not knowing exactly where she was, especially if the room had blackout curtains. Candice termed it “traveller’s amnesia”, and it seemed to be happening with increased frequency these days. She was outside of Columbia, South Carolina, and it had been an unusually warm weekend for December, and unusually hot for her personally. Pulling the pillow under her ear, she relaxed and started to think back on how her world was blown apart two nights ago. Openly grinning in the dark, she brought her hands to her nipples and gently touched them. Sucking in air as needles seemingly stabbed the tips, she gritted her teeth. But her grin was still pasted on her face. Her hands moved to her breasts, and even a gentle stroke brought a reaction. She wiggled her toes and scrunched her feet tightly, and was quite surprised that there were no noticeable effects from what they had been put through.

Candice slowly, ever so slowly, rolled onto her back. Shifting around on the mattress, it took a while to find a position of comfort. For the next few days, this was going to be a constant reminder of her total and complete submission to her master, her “Sir”. This was such a polar opposite to her cast-iron bitch persona that it was really difficult for her to get her head around. Her mind wandered, trying to unravel this enigma. Whilst pondering this puzzle, Candice was surprised when she realized that her hands also had a mind of their own, moving slowly downward, lightly caressing the skin across her stomach before reaching the top of her panties. Parting her legs, she felt down a little lower and smiled again when she realized she was already damp there. And that, she realized, was the only answer to the enigma. A brand new kind of sex was the new driver in her life. Basic. Incredible. Delicious.
Slipping her fingers under the lace of her panties, she drew little circles in the small patch of fine hair, eliciting an immediate response in her mind and in her pussy, simultaneously. No stopping now. Her fingers moved south, stroking along and then between the wet, soft folds. Her clit was already making an appearance, and demanding attention, so Candice obliged quickly. A few deft strokes between her fingertips and some gentle massage and she was no longer earth bound. She came in great spasms, enhanced by the twitching pain in her ass, nipples and breasts created by her thrashing about. It used to take quite a while for her to get herself to orgasm. Things had changed a bit indeed. She grinned again into the darkness.
Candice lay quietly in the dark, her breath pounding out an erratic cadence. She just had an incredible orgasm and hadn’t even really started thinking about the events, the incredible sexual journey, of the last 24 hours. She had to focus for a second to confirm that it was now Sunday night. Candice glanced at the clock and corrected herself. It was early Monday morning. Saturday night seemed like a lifetime ago. Incredible! She slowly sat up, swung her feet to the floor and after some tentative fumbling around, found and turned on the bedside table light. Struggling a bit to stand, Candice finally made it vertical, pushed her soaked panties to the floor and stepped out of them. She padded quietly across the soft thick carpet to the bathroom to clean herself, noticing along the way the huge jet tub against the far wall, right beside the shower of memories, and the tray of bath accessories next to it. Despite it being the middle of the night, it looked awfully appealing. She didn’t have to get to the meeting until late morning, so why not? Candice headed over to the tub and sat on the edge. Grabbing the large bottle of bubble bath from the tray, she uncorked it and took in its fragrance. It was a lavender scent, which was one of her favourites. That settled the deal. She started the water and adjusted it until the temperature was perfect then poured in a healthy dose of the heaven-in-a-bottle. The suds were on the rise when she stood up, took off the remainder of her nightie and walked over to the mirror to tie up her long brunette hair. Candice hated loose wet hair.
Candice grabbed the scrunchie she was going to use to tie up her hair, but for some unknown reason she paused before putting it on to study herself in the mirror. Although 42 years of age, she thought she still looked pretty good. This wasn’t always the case. The demands of building a publishing company from scratch had taken its toll in the early years. Five years ago, she realized that she had gained a lot of weight, lost a lot of sleep and had almost permanent bags under her eyes. Make-up helped only so much. Her ambition and drive were pushing her to great success, but the work was slowly killing her, and she had virtually no romantic life.
Candice thought about that for a minute, staring at herself in the mirror while listening to the tub fill with water. She recalled that she had, during a much earlier phase in her life, enjoyed a rather active sex life. However, her ambition was greater, resulting in the total annihilation of all romantic, emotional and sexual desires. For several years, she just didn’t seem to need sex, and when the urge did hit well she had a top end Hitachi to deal with that. But it had taken a toll and five years ago she recognized that her overall mental and physical condition were deteriorating.
Under advice from her doctor, she joined a work out class, started eating healthier and most importantly started hiring some capable people so she could delegate a lot of her job and thereby decrease her work load and get some sleep. It took a year or so to take hold, but the benefits did show. She had maintained her health very well since then. She studied her body. Full breasts with large areolas and nipples, and what some called a “nineteen fifties” shape; that is, a figure with actual curves. No matter how she tried, she just couldn’t get rid of all the weight though. In clothes it was well hidden, but in the harsh light of the bathroom lights she could still see the excess. She sighed.
Candice looked straight ahead at her face staring back at her. She had large blue eyes under her dark brown hair, which coupled with her best feature, her smile, knew made her attractive to the opposite sex. Sometimes to her own sex, but she had never pursued that. Maybe some day.
Candice stepped into the tub and gently lay back in the hot water and bubbles. The scent was divine! Candice took it in, letting any tension in her muscles melt away. Her mind relaxed and before long she was rewinding the ridiculous pseudo-physchological sexual thriller that her life had become in the last two days.

Hope you enjoyed When She Least Expected It, Part 1: Wake Up Call.

This was the Day 15 story for the 2012 Erotic Holiday Countdown.

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