Erotic Holiday Countdown – Day 13

Title: A Cup of Cheer

Author: Travis Naught – Visit him at Website | Twitter
This story is © by Travis Naught and used with permission.

Note: This story includes a m/f/f threesome.

Lusty Looks

That sweater clung wonderfully to her breasts.  The pink fibers knit together in a way that provided just enough of a sheer quality that my mind believed I was getting more of a show than my eyes actually saw.  Underneath of it, she was not wearing a bra.  I could tell by the way each mammary gland swayed independently of the other every time she moved.  Her shoulders were held lightly; confident without trying to present herself as powerful.  She knew that I was watching her.

It is a turn on for some women, to be desired, and they play the coy role perfectly.  Slight rotations to give men a better viewing angle on their skin peeking out from under whatever bits of clothing they have chosen to entice glances with.  Feeling another’s pointed sexual desire, their longing tends to make the most mundane task thrilling.  Not even to the full level of exhibitionism; but a playful tease, knowing that nothing is actually being shown, fantasies are the only things being cast off.

On her way out of the shop, she rubbed against my arm.  The velvet feel of soft cotton fiber charged my experience.  She said, “Excuse me”, but all I heard was, “Thank-you … but you could fuck me if you wanted”.  She threw me a last glance through the window as she walked away, a slight raising of the arm, a three finger wave.  I should probably have closed my book and run after her, caught her as she was unlocking her car door.  She might have turned around and kissed me.  She might have pulled me in with her.  I was scared I might have misread the cues so I stayed seated inside.

How Do You Do

She dropped a quarter while paying for her coffee today.  I was right behind her in line, noticing the way that her jeans could not have been any tighter had they been yoga pants.  It fell and she leaned down to catch it mid fall, but that wonderful coin slid through her fingers, rolled back toward me and settled against my shoe.  She twisted to pick it up and fell.  I caught her below her arms and she pressed against my legs, her face inches from my now interested cock.

“Thank-you,” came out of her mouth while she was still down there.  She allowed me to hold on to one of her arms as she pulled the other free, reached down the rest of the way and plucked the quarter off the ground.  Her hand trailed up my leg as she moved back toward standing, the entire time rubbing her body against mine.  “So lucky of me to have such a strong helper,” she smiled.  “I’m Amber.”  With that, she stood on her tiptoes, gave me a quick peck of a kiss on the cheek and turned around to complete her transaction.

Female lust has never been my strong suit and I was stunned.  Certainly she must have felt my erection, enjoyed the physical contact after seeing my glances the previous day and decided that she needed to be the instigator.  “My pleasure; wouldn’t have wanted to see you sprawled out on the floor … I mean, in public … I mean.  Well, I was worried you would be embarrassed, but now I am!”.   She smiled at my stammering and had to notice my blush.  “Don’t worry,” she replied.  “Maybe we will bump into each other again some time.”  With that, she put her hand in mine, with a piece of paper, got up on her tiptoes again and kissed me full on the lips before walking out the door.

Katie, the owner of the shop who was working behind the counter, was stunned.  I ordered my gingerbread latte and glanced up as she was working on my order.  “Must’ve been the mistletoe,” I chuckled.  “Mr., that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.  You were so chivalrous and innocent at the same time.  I wrote my phone number on your cup, you should give me a call after 7.”  She slid my drink across the counter and quite pointedly checked me out.  I am certain she got a look at the bulge in my pants, but there was nothing I could do about it.  Two women had out right made their moves on me in less than two minutes and it was barely 1:00 in the afternoon.  I was in for a good day.

Dripping Wet

The note said, Cum Outside.  I had already sat down at my regular, corner table, nestled beneath the festive holiday motif, before I uncurled it.  It had an instantaneous reaction on my penis and I drew in a sharp breath.  Outside in the parking lot, I saw a pair of headlights flash through the snow.

“Took you long enough,” Amber said as I opened her car door.  “I thought you were the only man in the world dumb enough to say no for a little while.”  She sounded a little put off by me, but she had waited so I knew that this was still going to end well.  I lowered myself into the passenger seat and instantly her hand dropped to my crotch.  Startled, I spilled some of my latte on to her.  She let out a startled cry of pain and squeezed tightly through my pants.

“Sorry, hope I didn’t burn you.”

She smiled, drew her hand back and licked the moisture off of her wrist.  “It’s OK, a little pain will make this memory stand out even more.”

She started the car and told me to lean my seat back, we were going to go for a little drive.  I did as I was told.  Directly above my face was the sun roof through which I could see the street lamps decorated as candy canes as she massaged me through my slacks while driving.

I could tell we were heading out of town when trees became the dominant feature I was seeing.  “Pine is not the only wood in the neighborhood,” I quipped, trying to remain focused on not cumming before she actually touched me.

“Shut up,” she commanded, “this is not happening for any other reason than your body.”  I deflated a little at that.  She wanted only to fuck me.  I had fantasized about her a lot, but I had always included more than just sex.  She, apparently, had not.  Oh well, I figured that something was better than nothing.

The car slowed down and I could feel it turn on to gravel.  I sat myself forward and found that we had driven to a country road.  On my left, Amber was reaching down to pull off her sweater.  “No, let me,” I said.  I wanted to feel my hands on that material.  Feel the warmth come off of her as I peeled it off of her body.  It was sublime.

Her breasts were already growing more firm, her nipples hard from the drop in temperature since turning the key off only moments before.  She did not want to wait any longer, grew impatient with my wondrous look.  “Time to hurry this process up.”  Her hands dropped to her waist and pulled her pants off before I even had time to undo my belt.  While I was struggling with my zipper, she started to take off her red thong.

“No, please … I like to feel the friction against my cock.”   She must not have been bothered by that because she swung around and straddled me, still wearing it.

My shirt was torn off of me, my pants pulled down unceremoniously and I still had not figured out entirely how I had ended up here.  Amber could tell that I was ready to explode and slapped me across the face.  “Hey! You need to slow down if this is going to be good for me,” she chastised.

“Sorry.  I don’t have much experience with this,” I apologized.

She laughed and that wonderful smile came back across her face, “I have an idea.”  Her hands went to the center console and grabbed my drink.  I tensed, figuring out what she would do moments before dribbling a little of the hot liquid onto my dick.  She used it as a lubricant, pouring a little more between strokes.  “We will be using more of that later,” she said coyly, placing the cup back in the holder.  Alternately, she licked her hands.  “Mmmm, festive.”

I reached up around her neck and pulled her in for a kiss.  It tasted of cinnamon and her breasts pressed against me, warming my bare chest.  This was the best way to enjoy a latte.

She leaned back, smiled again and reached down between us.  With one hand, she pulled the white bow decorated red panties to the side, with the other she held my cock still and sat down on me.  It was a full first thrust and I was completely inside of her.  “Oh wow,” I moaned and pushed up against her.  There was no pumping.  She used her arms to pull herself tightly against my upper body and began to grind.  There was a fervor to her rhythm that would have made me pop too soon, so I reached down, grabbed her ass and slowed the movement.

It was ecstasy.  Heaven on earth.  We continued until the insides of the windows were fully steamed.  Her breathing and noises, deep sighs and sharp intakes, along with incredible spasms from her pelvis, let me know she reached orgasm at least three times.  I let her know that I did not have much longer to go and she sat up again.  Without pulling me out, she repositioned her legs so that her feet crossed at my throat and the pressure on my throbbing member doubled.  Reaching forward, she grabbed her ankles, put her face near mine and spoke, “Ready when you are, lover.”  That put me over-the-top and I came fully inside her.  I pulsed for a full 30 seconds before the feeling of spent began to wash over me.  Amber uncurled off of me slowly, tracing the lines of my chest.

She reached into the back seat, grabbed a spare t-shirt, wrapped her hand around it and wiped my cock and herself clean as she got off me.  She tumbled back into the driver’s seat.  “Drink the rest of your coffee.  I’m not done with you yet,” she spoke with a twinkle in her eye.  I gladly started to drink now tepid liquid and she turned the car back on but left it in park.  The windows began to defrost and I could see that half an inch of snow had accumulated while we were busy.  “When you are ready, we are going to make a funny looking snow angel on the hood of my car.”

Five minutes later I had her screaming into the woods.  The second time always lasts longer and I was glad for the warmth of her sweater around my neck, draped over my back.  We started out in standing doggystyle and when I stood her up to turn her around, the only proof that was left were a pair of marks where her forearms had rested.  I then laid her fully on her back and leaned over the top of her to keep her warm while I continued fucking her.  Our noise attracted the calls of area coyotes and with every yap that they cried, Amber squealed in delight.

What seemed like an eternity later she told me, “I want to suck you dry,” and pushed me off of her.  A formless, snowless spot was left on the front of the car as I staggered backward and she dropped to her knees.  Her back glistened in the headlights with sweat that started to freeze as she began fellatio and I transferred her sweater from around my neck to hers.  Within a minute, I was cumming again.  She swallowed every drop.

We dressed before getting back in the car.  Day had turned to night and it was only 6:00.  I picked up my cup to take a last drink and was disappointed to find it empty.  Setting it back down, I saw Katie’s number written on the side and it was my turn to smile.  “I have an idea,” I stated.  Amber followed my look to the number on the side of cup and smiled as well.

Closing Time

Katie was wiping the empty tables down as Amber and I strolled back into the coffee shop, hand in hand.  She looked up and visibly frowned when she saw us.  “I think this might be more difficult than we imagined,” I told Amber as we sat.  There were 15 minutes before The Steamy Bean was scheduled to close.  The other three customers left at 6:55 and Amber told me to go to the bathroom, she would work out the rest.

I strolled to the back and saw Katie’s employees finishing up behind the counter; shutting off the drive-through light, refilling the coffee bean holders on the espresso machines and rinsing out the final dishes of the day.  My mind started being thankful for the events of the afternoon and accepting that the hoped-for threesome was probably out of the question.  I closed the bathroom door behind me, took a leak and decided to masturbate.

One of the most oddball things about men is that regardless of their level of sexual fulfillment, there’s always room for more.  The events of the afternoon were rolling through my head and I started to stroke.  Scenes of Amber’s front seat acrobatics helped me get hard and my mind started its normal highlight routine after that.  Random lovers, celebrities and fictional situations of all sort that I have worked out over the years to keep me satiated.  Normally the process only takes three or four minutes but I did notice it was taking longer, probably due to the afternoon’s escapade.

Someone started knocking on the door and I replied, “Sorry, be right out.”

Giggles answered me along with a chorus of feminine voices, “Good … you won’t be sorry”.  I was amazed! She must have talked Katie into it.  I let myself go, left myself unzipped and opened the door.

They were not there.  The lights were off but I could see a glow coming from nearer the front of the store.  Soft voices were also drifting my way and I hesitantly stepped out of the bathroom, my divining rod pointing the way.  A low moan came from behind the counter as I stepped around the corner.  I leaned over the counter and spied the most glorious sight.

Under the soft glow of Christmas lights strung around the neon closed sign, Amber had Katie laid out on the floor.  Her back was slightly arched while Amber was suckling at one of her nipples, the heel of her palm pressing against Katie’s vagina, fingers sliding in and out.  “Oh good, I’m just in time,” I said, climbing over the counter rather than walking around.

I sat a couple feet away from them, side profile, and began to enjoy myself as they put on a show.  They twisted and writhed, tasted each other and completely ignored me.  It was wonderful to be forgotten as these two lovely women devoured each other sexually.

As I felt my ejaculation nearing, I got up on my knees and approached them.  Katie was lost in passion, but Amber recognized my coming urgency.  She guided one of Katie’s hands to my cock and together they jacked me to completion.  I sprayed what cum I could muster over the tops of their interconnected bodies and lied down beside them.  They took turns licking each other clean and joined me.

Another Day, Another Dollar

“Good morning, Mr. Naught.  Pleasure to see you today, how can I help you,” Katie looked even more lovely than normal as she took my order.  I smiled and asked for my regular.  She promised to have it right out for me and I chose my normal, corner table.

The steam was rolling off the mug as she brought my drink around.  “They say the right amount of foam on these drinks holds a design perfectly.  How did I do?”  Katie set it down in front of me and I lowered my eyes to an open pair of sculpted pussy lips.

I looked up at her and smiled again.  Out the window, through the snow, a pair of headlights flashed twice.

Hope you enjoyed A Cup of Cheer.

This was the Day 13 story for the 2012 Erotic Holiday Countdown.

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