Erotic Holiday Countdown – Day 11

Title: Winter’s Lioness, Part 7

Author: Max – Visit him at Website | Twitter
This story is © by Max and used with permission.

Note:  This story includes temporary piercing play and rough sex between consenting adults. It will be posted in 7 parts.

If you haven’t read Winter’s Lioness Part 6, you can do so here.

The second needle was agonizing, and Heather bit into the pillow she was intentionally holding over her face.  She flinched from the sharp sting and then locked her legs until they shook as the needle passed through the outer surface of her lip and burned all the way until it exited further down.  Heather couldn’t tell how Erik was arranging the needles nor what they were doing in her tender flesh.  Her neural mapping of her sex kept crashing to the bare minimum of over-sensitive and over-stimulated.  The third needle stole her breath along with any conscious words she had been stringing together into a sentence, and Heather again suffered the sting and the burning and then the tugging as the needle tunneled its way out.
She got lost in the sensations.  With her eyes shut and the pillow trapping her hot breath against her face, Heather was only aware of the temperature gradient across her body.  Her nipples were pert and hard like pebbles in the cool hotel room.  Her back was wet with her sweat.  Her abs were burning hot from contracting and cramping.  Her sex was flushed and on fire.  Her ass was moist from juices that Heather was still convinced included blood from her pierced labia.  Her legs were aching and cold, spread to the sides with top and bottom exposed.  Add to this the sting, number four piercing her while Erik’s strong fingers pinched and pulled on her pussy to drag her lip outward, and now the feeling of the medical steel passing through her, and Heather was starting to float on her own endorphin high.  Number five, oh god, lower and so close to her ass that Heather felt her sphincter being tugged outward with her labia while Erik shoved the needle through the thin skin fold.
Then he let go but the relief was replaced with fresh anticipation of more when Erik pinched the top of her right labia.  And the process started all over again.  Heather didn’t count this time.  She was becoming more and more aware of how high she was and how her pussy was fluttering.  The stimulation was sexual and asexual at the same time.  Heather felt her mind and body divide, and instead of the conflict earlier, now it was clear that both were comfortably drifting in their own riptides.  She was slipping away, the tension easing in her body, and then she felt Erik gathering the folds of her clitoris hood in his fingertips.  She may have wiggled, encouraging him, feeling the pressure just out of reach of her sensitive nub.
Then she shrieked and came crashing down to the mattress, an angel ripped from heaven and fighting the demon who was suddenly sitting on her chest.  The needle exited the other side of her clit hood, stretching the skin before punching a hole through it, and Heather screamed into the pillow so hard that she gagged and had to swallow repeatedly to recover.  She tossed the pillow off of her, and tried to look down at Erik without moving anything below her neck.
“Oh, I could do a second one, but I think that was enough,” he said calmly.  He lifted up slowly, his elbows and forearms coming off Heather’s pelvis and thighs, and then Erik spread his fingers wide and stretched them.  “It looks,” he glanced down at his handiwork, “extraordinarily pretty.  Like a holiday tree.”
Shaking but still afraid to move, Heather reached down with her right hand to feel for the needles.  Erik dissuaded her, catching her questing fingers and holding them to her belly button.  “A hand mirror is a much better idea.  Or a photo – I could use my phone and you could see it right now with decent lighting.”  He ran with that idea and got up, grabbed his phone, and swyped his way to the camera app.  “Just hold still.”
Heather was trapped.  She didn’t dare clench her legs together, but she wasn’t sure a photo was something she wanted anyone to have.  It took too long for her to make up her mind though.  The flash went off in stages and then Erik carried the phone to her, holding it so she could see the image.  She had to close her eyes and reopen them to focus more clearly.
Running from top to bottom, the wide coloured plastic ends of the needles stacked neatly one above another with only a slight offset.  The round curve of her mons now had an arrow shape hugging her opening.  And above that, going from left to right, was a single horizontal needle through her clitoris hood.  Heather closed her eyes and tried to feel the individual needles, but all she could do was picture the photo in her mind and feel the lingering stings and burning from her sex.  It made her laugh after a few moments of silence.  She wiggled her hips – and the pain didn’t increase.  She tipped her pelvis, and there was no sudden stabbing or scraping from the tip of a needle catching adjacent flesh.  Heather knew she might stick her inner thighs, but she could still close her legs a bit and flatten out her knees.  She did just that and then opened her eyes to look at Erik.
He was just waiting.  Heather eyed him closer.  Erik’s nostrils were flaring when he breathed in and out, and his shoulders seemed set with purpose.  She cocked her head and reached down for the duvet, but the question on his face made her pause.  Then she understood, thought it was absolutely crazy, and rejoiced at the idea at the same time.  “Oh, you are lovely,” she muttered evilly.
Erik watched while Heather tested her range of motion and then awkwardly lifted her left leg out while turning on her side and then belly.  She pushed up with a wince, and Heather paused to look at her arm where the needles were beginning to ache.  But then she continued until she was on her hands and knees.  She shuffled around a bit, pulling the pillows and putting them under her chest, and then said, “Ok, I’m ready.”
Erik already knew that.  He had felt her slick juices flowing out the entire time he was play piercing her lips.  But now he’d get to enjoy plunging his cock into her bottom while knowing she’d feel the needles pushing back and forth within her outer labia.  He got up, moved in behind her, and used his thumb to massage and test her anus.
“Me, too,” he replied.  And then he lined up and plunged in.
There was no timid hesitation.  Erik took her like a conquest that had long been promised to him.  Heather shuddered from the powerful thrusts that pounded Erik’s cock deep into her ass.  Her boyfriend’s big cock had been the key to their relationship, but Erik used his tool with effortless force and shifting angles to make Heather acutely aware of how much he enjoyed this.  She had spent a few years on her belly and back in a chemical haze while cocks thrust in and out of her openings – but Erik made this experience memorable and crisp.  And Heather never had the opportunity to become bored – the stinging and tugging of her tender flesh against the needles and the recurring rhythmic drumming of Erik’s pelvis against her buttocks engulfed her completely.
Each hammer blow to her ass drove Heather’s head into the pillows.  A part of her tried to rise above the roaring of her pulse and increasingly sloppy sounds of her sex, but she lost the thread of her thoughts as soon as they took form.  It seemed Erik could sense any internal reflection, and he stole Heather’s waking moments from her before she was even aware of them.  His teeth nipped her shoulders and the back of her neck.  His hands cradled her breasts.  His fingers rolled and pinched her nipples.  His body surrounded her and left her only one choice: to move with him.  Every breath was full of his scent.  With his entire cock buried in her ass, Heather felt his growls and sharp inhalations mix with her matching grunts and moans.  She rested on the side of her face while reaching back and gripping Erik’s thighs in her hands.  The piercings in her forearms brushed against her sides, and Heather delighted in the intensity of sensation that ripped her out of reality.  Her vision was full of colours pierced by lightning flashes.  Her ass swallowed Erik’s manhood, and her hands urged him deeper.  Her buttocks ached as they were spread further apart.  And then Heather felt his cock twitching and spasming – the entire length of his rigid shaft moving within her bottom.
Erik’s orgasm triggered her own deep release.  Heather’s pussy was frothing with her juices, and when her walls clenched down Heather felt her wetness splash outward onto Erik’s scrotum and thighs.  It was such a powerful climax that she went limp underneath him, and Heather was barely aware of him withdrawing.  She was passed out, blissed on endorphins, when he returned to clean her up.
Heather turned in bed to escape the sun streaming in the window and sounds from the markets and streets.  A repeating crashing noise kept her from drifting off – perhaps they were emptying the rubbish bins – and the jarring tinkling of a thousand bottles being smashed while loaded into a lorry shook her the rest of the way awake.  Despite her exhaustion, she scanned the room quickly.  Something… someone… was missing.
Her mind struggled to piece things together more clearly, but then she felt the need to pee and set everything else aside.  She got out of the strange bed and made her way straight to the bathroom.  Eyes closed, sitting on a cold toilet seat, Heather felt the tension release inside of her.  She felt sore, and her fingers picked at her forearm.  The tender bruising caught her by surprise, and Heather felt herself remembering more.
The toilet paper didn’t come away bloody when she blotted herself, and Heather was thankful for that.  Her arm ached, and her labia burned, but mostly she remembered being promised breakfast, and where the hell was Erik?  She got up, washed her hands, and decided it was time to go.  The fact she saw Erik’s backpack and bag were gone on her way to fetch her clothes made that even more apparent.
Panties and bra, trousers, and then Heather paused to fuss with her arm.  The iodine had stained the skin and it was turning yellow.  She pondered how to cover that up from her boyfriend and realized it wasn’t an issue unless the boy made it one.  She pulled her shirt and sweater on, and checked on the wine out of habit.  It was all gone.  Heather wasn’t sure if that was an accomplishment, but she’d check it off as an indicator of a good night.
Only when she got to the door did she see Erik’s note stuck in the doorknob.  Heather grabbed it, read it quick, and then tossed it in the bathroom trash.  She double checked to make sure she had her phone and her wallet, and then Heather left the hotel room – letting the door swing shut and lock behind her.  She had to walk carefully around her bruised fleshy lips and tender anus – a lingering reminder that Heather enjoyed.
Erik was waiting in the Dev, quietly reading a newspaper while sipping cola.  Heather slipped in, spotted him, and made her way to his table.  Erik’s only response was to scoot over to make room, and then finish the article he was reading.
“Hey,” Heather interrupted.  “Pay attention.”  She nudged his ribs while pulling her arms from her coat.  It had been brisk outside, but the bit of snowy and icy cover on the sidewalks was now banished to shadows and quiet side streets.
He turned and looked at her, his eyes clear and bright, and then he asked, “Do we kiss now, or are you undercover again?”  Erik glanced around and it was obvious that he recognized a few folks in the pub.  His status as an interloper was very apparent to him.
She didn’t care.  Heather kissed him on the cheek and then licked his lips.  He relaxed a bit and she teased him.  “Who finished my wine?”  Her right hand found Erik’s thigh while she deftly pulled a menu out from under his paper with her left.
Erik leaned into Heather’s shoulder.  He kissed her back and shrugged while enjoying her pleasant scent and smile.  “I’m guessing you did.  Though you were pretty out of it when I took out the needles.”  He unconsciously stroked her arm, and then pulled his fingers back when she flinched.  “Yikes, sorry.  Bad habit – I always know where the sore spots are and touch them.”
“Well that,” she rolled her eyes, “could get us both thrown out of here.”  Her fingers gripped Erik’s cock through his tacticals and she gently squeezed.  Then Heather rocked on her butt in the seat beside him and laughed.  “So you said you had to leave?”
“Yeah, late breakfast then off to Germany.  Some people seem to have taken an unhealthy interest in me.  So I figure I should spend some time just learning new things and set off in a new direction.”  He tipped his head toward the menu in Heather’s hand.  “Know what you want?”
“Sure, gleuwine.  But they only have that in Germany.”  She smirked.  “You ordering?”
“Of course.”  The thought that maybe Heather could visit him in Hamburg or Berlin cheered Erik up a bit.  It was already hard to say goodbye to her, and Erik had to flee the hotel room early so he wouldn’t extend his trip and just curl up with Heather for the rest of the day.  Leaving her soft naked body had been a real struggle after experiencing how well they fit together.
Heather gave him her order, and he repeated it back.  Then he got up and let the bar man know what they wanted.  If he noticed Heather watching his ass then what of it?  Erik’s last meal in London was spent sitting beside his lioness.  When next he saw her, she would want to see his scars, and he would need to tell her why he was running from Winter Solstice.

Hope you enjoyed Winter’s Lioness, Part 7.

Winter’s Lioness is just part 1 of a four part series called “The Lioness.” You can buy the full series now!

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This was the Day 11 story for the 2012 Erotic Holiday Countdown.

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