A poll, a poll, my kingdom for a…

Yep, I have a poll I would really appreciate your input on.

It’s simple and on the left side of the page.

Next year I am working on a plan that will come in two parts.

  1. I plan on getting out amongst my fans. I will have 5 books in print format before the end of Spring (hopefully) and would love to do some book signings and meet you.
  2. For three years I have been working on a seminar idea to help women, especially those of us above a ‘certain age’ get in touch with our sexuality as that was something we were not allowed to do. Being sexual is not about the doing so much as the being. If you aren’t in touch with that sexual side, you are not in touch with you.
Essentially, I plan to do them both in the same spot. So, I have a poll to find out which city you, my blog fans, would like to come see me in. It will be available until Jan 10th.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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