Woo hoo Another Six Sentence Sunday!

Greetings, happy people! Yep, another SixSunday blog for you and you and you…

Library Tales: Take 3 Revenge is Forever was just published this last Wednesday and I thought I would give you another taste…

In this scene, Camilia meets her guardian for the first time and begins to understand this man is not to be treated lightly when he tells her she will be punished for correcting the way he says her name.

“You corrected me. That is very un-lady-like behavior, Camilia. You will act and behave like a young lady. For the foreseeable future, everything I say is law. You will accept that I know better than you what you need and accept it. Turn to your right.”

She should have known then…

Book Description:

Camilia has lived with her guardian Blayton Clairmount for four years. Four years of being ignored except for when he punishes her in his library. Then one day she learns the truth about him, a truth that will change the course of her life forever.

When she is robbed of everything, including her death, how will she gain her revenge?

Check out the other volumes in the Library Tales series. Library Tales: Erotic Fantasies for the book lover in all of us.

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