Two days and counting

Two days to go before Library Tales: Take 3 Revenge is Forever is released!

Are you ready for it?

Library Tales are completely non-connected stories, all involving erotic fantasies about libraries.

In Library Tales: Take 1 Britta’s Punishment, Britta is caught being naughty while working in the law library at school. Her punishment opens her eyes to a world she never knew existed.

In Library Tales: Take 2 Room 453, Margaret has learned that pain and ecstasy are very closely linked. Tonight, her last night with her Professor, will they say goodbye, or start something new?

Library Tales: Take 3 Revenge is Forever is a bit different. Camilia has lived with her shadowy guardian for four years, only seeing him when he believes she needs punished for some perceived transgression. For every infraction, he spanks her in his library. When she finds out he is not who she thought, her life is forever changed. As one of his vessels – a living, breathing blood bag – she fights against his control… The question is – how do you fight an immortal vampire who seems to hold all the cards? Every way you can.

Release date: Nov 14, 2012

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